Have you ever wished that you could simply go to a store and say, “I’d like a pound of self-confidence , please?” Tell me where to purchase and for sure a long stretch of people leads to this store!

So what then is self-confidence? How can we get it if we need a bottomless supply? This article provides some of the answer.

Have you ever tried looking at your body in a full-length mirror? Did you feel a tinge of shyness? Did you cringe at your image? Did you wish you could be more accepting of yourself and carried yourself better? If you feel guilty of this habit, then this article is for you.

Find a life coach to help you to:

* Boost your self-confidence or self-esteem
* Appreciate your uniqueness
* Help others become more self-assured
* Improve your self-confidence without becoming egoistical
* Relate confidence with nurturing relationships

If you are not thankful with your self-image, it only shows that you have no confidence. If you, yourself, lack self-confidence, then how can others have faith in you?

During interviews, confidence increases your chances of clinching that dream job. Consider a situation where two applicants are vying for the same post. During the interview, one exudes poise and self-confidence while the other is a nervous wreck. Do I need to ask who will get the job?

Why is confidence often equated with effectiveness? A person’s self-confidence shows assurance in his own decisiveness. This level of assurance directs others to put their self-confidence on this person’s judgment.

Confidence also has the ability to overcome hinderances, fears,and setbacks that can confront the best of plans. Individuals with a high degree of confidence are normally more likely to be successful – all other aspects being equal.

It is equally important to understand the different times that weaken self-confidence. People who are trapped in an environment that fosters negativity and constant criticism become disheartened and discouraged. An awkward incident can suck the confidence out of a person.

The best part in all of these is that confidence is something that can be developed. It is something that can be learned. Learning starts now. Try taking the coachability assessment to boost your self-assurance,today!


Author's Bio: 

Mariano coaches and empowers community leaders, executives and business professionals to success. His coaching techniques will allow you to reach your goals and achieve the success and prosperity you deserve.

Mariano is currently the Chair of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service and has worked with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. He has served on the Board of Directors for the United Way of the East Bay, Tri-City Homeless Coalition, and Renewed HOPE.

Mariano is currently a member of the Progressive Consultants Network, Business Development Institute, Life Coach Support Network, Sacramento Coaches Association and International Coach Federation.

Mariano earned a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering at UC Davis and was certified as an ASQ Quality Engineer. He earned a certificate in Pastoral Ministry and a Masters of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry. Mariano received certification from the National Community Development Institute’s Professional Development for Consultants program.