Looking for ways to improve your writing while minimizing the occurrence of writers block and the frustration that comes with it? Well if you work online and therefore have the need to frequently create content you can use for varying reasons, perhaps the solution can be found in how you schedule your work! As true as it may be that discipline is of the utmost importance for online entrepreneurs, having TOO much structure can actually squash your creativity which is something every writer needs!

Let's explore 3 ways in which maintaining a strict working schedule can actually hinder your ability to frequently create content of interest to readers!

Inspiration Is Spontaneous

When the 'mood' hits you or you are suddenly swamped with terrific ideas on which to base your next topic, there's no telling where you may be or what you're doing! The point is to simply 'go with it' and capture the moment or train of thought and record them, on the spot! On the other hand if you strictly schedule your work and stick to this schedule, it is highly likely your focus will be on the tasks at hand restricting yourself from thinking more creatively! There's no telling exactly how the mind tends to process information or create new concepts or ideas but one thing is for certain, the best ideas typically occur at the spur of the moment!

Brainstorm without Boundaries

Along the lines of 'spontaneous inspiration' of which we've spoken above, it is 'suggested' to devote a portion of your day or week to brainstorming for ideas! Now the trick to this is to recognize the times, settings or even activities which tend to be the most 'fertile' in terms of generating creative writing ideas! Every person is different so selecting the right time or space will be a highly personal choice but it is suggested to do so especially when needing to create content frequently! What you're doing is purposely setting aside 'distractions' to allow your mind or subconscious to uncover any thoughts or ideas that have been suppressed when focusing on other more regimented tasks!

Structure Creates Pressure

Scheduling a time to be 'creative' is a ridiculous notion since it is NOT something you can typically 'turn' on or off like a light switch! When maintaining a busy schedule you're also keeping yourself under a certain degree of pressure which is normal, but this hinders your creative thinking ability! Although structure and discipline play an important and even major role in your success online, allowing yourself to think outside the box is what will make you more competitive! Stepping away from any 'pressure' will only help relax you thus allowing you to be more creative! Maintaining a strict regimentation all the time on the other hand merely serves to limit creative thinking which can easily turn to writers block and frustration!

One of the best ways to improve your writing and avoid writers block is by simply taking a closer look at how you schedule your work! The discussion above focuses on how having too much structure in your work day can literally squash the all important creativity every writer needs to create content readers find interesting! For entrepreneurs who use the internet as their primary business environment, diminishing their ability to be more creative puts them at a severe disadvantage! On the other hand by simply allowing yourself the time to let your creative genius flourish could be the difference between your success or failure!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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