Here's what I know for certain: you can't get everything you want with money so how about using your most valuable asset- YOU!
Here are the 7 rules to get what you want by improving your posture:
1. Stand tall. Even if you are only 5 feet tall like myself no one should ever know it. People usually guess my height as three inches more than I actually am (and that’s without heels!). Pull your abdomen in and pull your shoulders up and slightly back. Practice stretching your core muscles a few times each day!
2. Sit with your legs crossed. Sitting with your legs crossed will help you keep your posture in check. Make sure you don't feel discomfort (it will show) by uncrossing and crossing intermittently. This also enhances blood flow and enables you to refocus as you discretely change posture and breathe. Lean in then back to make your point, ask a question or demand a response. Practice in front of a mirror or partner.
3. Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Practice makes perfect, and besides it relieves tons of stress! When you feel less stressed, you feel more confident and certainly more focused on what you want. Increased oxygen in your blood stream is a natural blush!
4. Be groomed. You don't necessarily have to get that French manicure weekly. What I mean is make sure that you are clean and smell fresh. If you can't afford a manicure, opt for just cutting and filing your own nails and paint some clear nail polish on if you like. I am an advocate for even a little makeup before you head out the door no matter what. Hair should be clean and simple at best! Flakes on the shoulder are a no-no!
5. Exercise. This is a huge confidence booster no matter what size you are! When you feel good after all that blood flow, you ultimately project more confidence and feel better about yourself. The added perk is that you can trim off some extra pounds!
6. Maintain healthy relationships. Nothing is more energy depleting than toxic relationships. If you can't improve them, drop them. Some relationships are not really worth all the energy that it sucks from you. Lack of positive energy flow equals lack of positive energy and people respond more favorably to positive energy!
7. Ask. Of course you can't get what you want without asking. Nothing happens through osmosis! Open your mouth and ask for what you want. I am amazed (not so much anymore) of what I get when I ask. I ask for everything and I do get it! Don't focus on the obstacles or what is lacking. Neither should you ask without expecting what you want. If you expect a 'yes' then so shall it be! Use the power of your words to get what you want!

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Charmaine is a Professional Work Lifestyle Balance Coach and the author of two books, Nine to Five or Something Like That and Pit Bulls in Lipstick available at She is a wife and mother of three awesome boys. Charmaine can be reached for complimentary consultations on her website or via email.
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