Improving your memory is very crucial when you want excel in an exam which will definitely help you be at the top of your class. There are different types of exams and each type requires different memory techniques so that you can answer the questions to a certain exam. For example, essay type questions can be answered in your own words, and sometimes your own views.

Essay answers that are based on actual facts acquired from lessons in your class will be very outstanding in the eye of your professor. Say, the essay is on your view about the Battle of Waterloo; the best way to answer is by sharing your opinion and then backing them up with accurate data of events that happened during that war the best it would be derived from the track of your own opinion.

Where the exam is of the objective type, correct answers need to be given, not to forget correct spelling, usage or order of sequence. Say, you need to give the colors of the rainbow in order, and you have replied: Red, Yellow Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, a sure mistake in the correct order will earn you a zero. Therefore, to get a solution, you need to make up a certain method or a mnemonic so that you can love giving exams. Certain methods that you can use are the mnemonics, acronyms, roman room system, journey system and the peg words.

A common technique in concept mapping data for editing is to make an exact or a color coded narrative or memory map of the information you need to remember. This will greatly assist you to observe the whole map of the information and can show you the association between the pieces of data. A good information map can be very useful and beneficial mnemonic or memory device.

However, the major mistake in using a concept map is that there are chances to forget the entire label on a certain part of the map. A better method is to get the concept map, and break it down into a numbered list of specific points. This peg-like technique can be used to remember the items on a certain list. Also, the journey technique can be used for longer lists. This technique is a slight version of the roman room technique in sorting ideas and remembering objects.

By associating the objects on a list with a peg system, you can see that you have remembered all the objects grouped by a mnemonic. Supporting details can be related into pictures or sub-mnemonics. This method can be used using a definite peg system, or at certain marks if you use the roman room system. Also, you can relate the data with the facts memorized.

Remembering all the data needed to ace an exam becomes very easy as reciting a certain mnemonic in your brain. As you do this, take note of the memorized data that are essential to a certain question. Once these are written down, any mnemonics can be crafted, or write down any related data and relations that can happen to you.

This will ensure that any needed information will assist you in an objective or an essay exam.

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