There's no such thing as a relationship that is so perfect, that it never experiences conflict. Because people aren't perfect, this means that their relationships won't be perfect either and as such, differences of opinion or personality clashes are going to happen. You might find that these differences of opinions happen with your kids, friends, or even with your spouse. It can be with people that you hold important to you in the community as well. The fact is that everyone has their own opinions and as such, there are going to be differences in those opinions.

In order to get past differences of opinion, you need to dig down into yourself, and dig up some TLC, which stands for tender loving care. In addition to this, think about the letter U which stands for understanding. One important key to move past conflict in order to improve relationships, is to be an understanding person. Get to know what the root cause of the issue is, then you can get past disagreements very easily. It's all about being empathetic to other people's feelings, or understanding.

In order to smooth rough patches in relationships, people have to understand that no one is ever 100% correct, and no one is ever 100% wrong. It takes understanding to take a step back, and see things through other people's perspective. People tend to think that they are right, and that everyone else is wrong. They tend to lick their wounds. However, this does nothing to resolve conflict. If conflict is going to be resolved, then both parties have to be understanding of each other's feelings.

Many people look at conflict resolution as a battle. They're more interested in being right, than doing the right thing. In order to salvage relationships, be they personal or professional, its important for a person to have enough respect for other people's feelings and thoughts to understand how they feel. People appreciate this and when they see that you truly are sincere in understanding where they're coming from, they let down their defenses, and the two of you can move on past conflict.

The way to smooth any rough patches, is to truly listen to what other people have to say. Also, practice your communication skills. Positive communication skills includes talking to people in a way that is positive, without accusing or blaming them. Even if you know that they're in the wrong, try to frame things in a positive light. Create an atmosphere where everyone can get their point of view across, and then look for a way for the both of you to move on. Sometimes, moving on in a relationship will require compromise. Compromise isn't about one person being right or wrong, but it's about both people coming together on common ground, so that they can move forward with forgiveness, and with tenderness.

It might be tempting for you in your character to want to blame others, but it's important for you to take a look at yourself first, and then look at what you can do to resolve situations. Sometimes, to keep things smooth, you have to be the bigger person, and the more compassionate person. Giving people tender loving care absolutely takes understanding.

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