One of the easiest ways to give people a better reading experience when you post updates to your blog is by ignoring your dictionary! Visitors who land on your platform are looking for interesting content but NOT to be challenged by your use of 'big' words when reading your posts! Actually there are 3 compelling reasons for any blogger to be mindful of the words they choose to use on their site!

Platform Justification

Most blogging platforms automatically make 'adjustments' to align or center your words to improve the visual appearance! Now this is an excellent feature and a terrific aid to anyone who regularly post updates to their site! On the other hand however using words that contain many letters can actually result in altering the spacing between words! What that means is that if your wording includes many characters it may NOT allow enough space to fit the rest of your sentence on that line! When the platform automatically 'justifies' or center the spacing to compensate this typically results in double spacing! This will make that particular sentence look funny to people reading your posts since the rest of your update is using single spacing! Using smaller and easier to understand wording helps to prevent this from happening!

Reading Ease

People have way too many choices when looking for something to read on the internet! Having made that point does it make sense to 'challenge' people reading your posts with having to 'decode' what you wrote due to the extensive vocabulary you've presented them! Besides is it not easier for you as the writer to simply state what's on your mind without referring to the dictionary to make yourself sound intelligent? Just asking!

Universal Appeal

Without all those fascinating displays of your vocabulary more people are able to easily understand what you wrote! This makes reading your posts not only easier but more enjoyable as well! Now when you post updates visitors will NOT need a dictionary but rather can now fully enjoy the interesting content you have presented to them! It all simply boils down to people, no matter what their intelligence level, being able to take something away from what you have created! Remember no matter how insightful, entertaining or informative your entries may be, if readers don't understand what they're viewing, your efforts are wasted!

As a blogger you want to always be mindful of the reading experience you offer visitors when you post updates! Now obviously interesting content will be a major part of increasing the satisfaction of people reading your posts but you also want what you wrote to display properly as well as be easy to read! Our discussion above points out the drawbacks associated with the use of an extensive vocabulary when blogging! On the other hand when resisting the temptation to display your vocabulary and instead write to be understood you can and will make any interesting content you post understandable to all!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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