In sports, reflexes play a very important role. But many people do not know how they can improve their reflexes. There are many types of reflexes, and many exercises improve them. For example, if you want to improve your fighting reflexes you will have to exercise with different objects and for mind there are other different exercises.
I will be posting here some of the ways in which a person can improve his reflexes with some simple exercises.
We will start with:
1. Reaction Ball:
If you are a beginner just like me, then you can start with the reaction ball. Reaction wall is a ball with uneven sides. In reality, 4 balls are mixed up together so that the ball can bounce unevenly. Buy a good reaction ball with affordable logo designed for a good factory. You have to keep in mind the logo design maker company because that will make the ball even higher in quality.
Your aim will be to toss the ball and catch it. Start slowly, and when you get better you can work on your reflexes with faster tossing.
2. Elastic handball: Now this is a little difficult method. You will need an elastic band, a ball, a screw driver, and a band. Now you will make a hole in the ball and use the elastic thread to join it with the band. You will wear the band on top of your hand and will throw punches on the ball, supposing it as a punching bag. This will enhance your punching and hand and mind movement.
3. Coin Catch: Coin catch is practiced by many boxers, fighters and martial artists. It’s a very good way of improving your reflexes. You can improve your reflexes by using this technique is by holding the coin at the top of the palm of your hand and then throw the coin upward slightly. Now catch it with the same hand. This will increase your hand speed and the grip of your hand.
4. Coin Drop: This is also another way of improving reflexes and it is better than the previous one. You will need a partner for this method. What you will be doing is, ask your partner to throw the coin down from waist length. Now you will have to catch the coin before it hits the ground.
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