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Trying new things - it sounds simple, right? Pick up a new hobby and try it. Go to a new place for dinner. Listen to a new music genre. For most folks, however, trying new activities is harder than it sounds. Our routines not only become familiar and easy to us, but they become comfortable.

There’s a reason we talk about stepping out of our comfort zone! Routines can be nice. Having a system is great for getting to work on time every day, getting your assignments done, and keeping your house clean. Here, we’ll discuss some ways of trying new activities that can help you step out of that comfort zone and improve yourself.

Trying Outdoor Activities

One of the best ways to try something new is to explore outdoor activities. Many of us fall into a rut of spending the weekend in our home - and a comfy couch is a great thing to have! Exploring hobbies such as hiking, adult sports leagues, kayaking, or simply walking are great ways to add some nature to your weekend while getting active in a new way as well. An excellent resource for kayaking is Kayaker Guide | #1 Trusted Kayak Pro Guide. It’s full of information about how to get outdoors in new and exciting ways. Outdoor activity can bring a whole set of new hobbies to your life, as well as encourage you to stay activity tin new and exciting ways

Creative Hobbies

Exploring new hobbies can get you more in touch with nature and expose you to new ways of staying active. Now that we’re excited about getting outside, what about rainy days? Days when we struggle to find sunshine are great days to explore our creativity. There are so many creative hobbies out there - knitting, scrapbooking, painting, singing, playing instruments! Creative activities bring your brain to life in a way that it probably hasn’t felt since music and art class back in school, and can be a great emotional outlet.

Side Hustles

There are so many personal benefits to trying new things. You can get active in new ways, explore the outdoors, flex your unused brain muscles, and find a new way to express your emotions. Many of these things can also become side hustles! Side hustles can be defined as activities outside of one’s typical job that can bring in extra cash. Think of selling paintings you make, photographing weddings with your new camera, or using an app to get paid for walking dogs with your new found love of nature.

Many people have heard the saying, “variety is the spice of life”. It’s a popular saying because it’s true! Routines are great to have, and most would say that they’re necessary to lead a successful and organized life. This is not to say to throw away your routine - please, stick to it! This is simply to say that adding some variety can add value to your life. It can help you make some extra cash, get to know new people, find a new hobby, and get to know yourself better. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable by design, but it can truly improve your life. Plan something new for yourself this weekend!

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