IMSI in Nepal is an affordable treatment for all infertile couples across the world. This is a treatment which gives hope to couples when the IVF with ICSI is not able to provide them the successful outcome of the treatment. IMSI in Nepal is a variation of ICSI treatment and is a new technique used in IVF treatments to examine and select the good quality of sperms by using the microscope which magnifies up to 6000 times the abnormalities that are present in sperms.

IMSI Treatment in Nepal is useful for the male members who are over the age of 35 years and have a high number of abnormal sperms present in a semen analysis. This treatment is also helpful for those couples who had previously repeated miscarriages. IMSI Treatment in Nepal is a procedure which helps the fertility experts in selecting the sperms without any abnormalities which can increase the chances of pregnancies and lower down the risk of miscarriages in women.

Achieving a healthy pregnancy is mainly depends on the quality of the embryo developed. This is the reason that fertility expert keeps a regular check on the development of the embryo and once it developed properly they will remove it on time. Time plays an important role in IMSI Treatment in Nepal because if the developing embryo will not take out on time then it won’t work as normal.

ICSI is the procedure which allows the fertility experts to select the most normal looking motile sperm by using the microscope which magnifies it around 200 to 400 times, however, the advanced procedure of ICSI which is IMSI in Nepal allow the fertility expert to view the most motile sperm by using an inverted microscope which helps them to assess the much greater magnifying power which is around 6000 times and this allow the embryologist to detect the fast moving sperm that a normal microscope could not detect.
According to study IMSI Treatment in Nepal is a technique which helps the fertility experts to select the best quality of the sperm which will results in high chances of pregnancy as compared to conventional ICSI procedure.
The use of IMSI Treatment in Nepal is limited and this procedure will take 60 minutes to complete and the IMSI Treatment in Nepal is similar to ICSI procedure the only difference is the use of microscope as in ICSI it is 200-400 times magnify microscope used and in IMSI Treatment in Nepal 6000 times magnify microscope use to find out the abnormalities of the sperms.

IMSI Treatment in Nepal is also performed under general anesthesia and eggs are collected by using the ultrasound guided vaginal probe after that the eggs are placed in the laboratory and the embryologist will carefully inject a single sperm directly into each egg. Then the embryologist will look for the signs of fertilization and once the fertilization occurs then the resulted embryo will be transferred into the uterus of women to achieve the successful pregnancy.


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