IMSI is represented for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected sperm injection. IMSI is such a procedure of IVF treatment for the sperm collection after the interpretation of sperm by the utilization of high – magnification digital imaging microscope for the microinjection into the egg. IMSI is nominated mostly for those couples who have been victims of the successive implantation failures, Successive ICSI failures etc.
Our Experts get to know the proper construction of the sperms more properly by the utilization of the IMSI procedure thus permitting them to obstruct the sperm with the uncommonness to be injected into the eggs.
IMSI in Nepal-most accepted procedure after failure of ICSI.

IMSI in Nepal is literally a most accepted procedure after ICSI treatment. IMSI in Nepal is proceeded in following steps:

• Collection of sperm
• Rejection of sperms which are abnormal
• Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
• Move

Reason for preferring IMSI in Nepal more than any other technique

IMSI in Nepal is highly inspired by the males with unusual sperm count and unpredicted consequences from the earlier IVF treatments which amplify the selection method progressing the possibility of fertilization and normal evolution of an embryo.

Due to the intensified utility of digital high magnification of the sperms, our researchers or gynecologist under innovative projects have an elevated level of perception of the individual sperm about its construction and because of this, they can recognize the sperms with the abnormal potential and thus obstruct the form being inserted into the cells being used for fertilization. Those sperms which are recognized as ordinary then they are utilized for fertilization process by the utilization of the ICSI procedure.

IMSI treatment in Nepal – most effective treatment

IMSI treatment in Nepal is really most effective treatment because it has enhanced the possibility to achieve pregnancy when ICSI treatment has been found a failure one. IMSI treatment in Nepal is suggested to those individuals who are victims of:
• Release of the number of sperm is decreased
• Release of increased proportion of construction of sperm is very uncommon
• Unsuccessful consequence of ICSI treatment

Cost of IMSI treatment in Nepal

The cost of IMSI treatment in Nepal has been found quite expensive because the cost of some of ICSI treatment is also added. IMSI treatment in Nepal is done by highly skilled and experienced experts. After treatment patient appreciates the entire team for such a miracle. But even it is reasonable and affordable than any other western countries. As we know Nepal is literally the very peaceful place where you can find out oceans of positive hope to achieve a child.

The complete study on IMSI in Nepal has clarified that IMSI in Nepal is one of the most favored location to achieve a child when most of the patient failed for the success of ICSI treatment and IMSI treatment in Nepal is done very carefully so that success rate can be achieved.


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