We spend a lot of time helping choreograph your World Tour of Success by sharing tips and resources with you. But today, we want to walk with you on your journey and share with you a few things "NOT" to do. Understand the value in knowing what you don't know yet, and that far outshines what we already know.

We teach a lot of this in our Brand You New course, specific to branding your business. Today, we teach what not to do from a general business AND human perspective. Take a lesson from a major mis-hap Aly had with a new (and never again) hairdresser recently. Here's what we learned:

1. DON'T BE OBLIVIOUS TO THE IMAGE YOU PROJECT. When the "color specialist" approaches and says, "Oh, I can make your hair great!" while handing you a flimsy, perforated, printed-at-home business card, Run. Actually, first realize your hair is already great, and then run! Nothing good comes out of your gut feeling that says used-car-salesman meets hairstylist. Consider everything from your posture, your presence, and yes, your business card... is that exactly what you want to project both professionally and personally?

2. NEVER BE IN SUCH A HURRY THAT YOU LOSE PROPER FOCUS OR DECISION MAKING ABILITY. Even though you already have a fabulous hair person (or vendor, or supplier, or employee, or friend), never take a shortcut in the interest of time only. Take the time to value what you already have, and the time to abide by the boundaries you know you should keep. The ability to make quick decision is an incredibly valuable tool, but rushed decisions are a whole different ballgame... one that typically results in the L column.

3. STOP ANSWERING YOUR PHONE, EMAILS, OR OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION IN FRONT OF US. When serving your customers and friends, they should always, without exception, be the priority in that moment. Period. Answering phones (especially personal calls) makes us feel like second place, and we deserve (and are paying for) first place. Silent mode, voicemail, and patience should always take precedence. And if your callers are customers wanting appointments, they get it. If that doesn't work for your business model, consider hiring an assistant or virtual assistant. Need a resource for that? Ask us.

4. WHEN YOU MESS UP, DO NOT DISMISS IT AS IF IT IS "NO BIG DEAL." You would think this one is common sense, but shockingly, its not. Never underestimate the value of "Sorry," .... the kind with "I am" in front of it. It does not necessarily admit guilt, but it certainly communicates an understanding and even empathy that your customer or friend needs in the moment of mishap. Without it, run the risk of losing a friend or customer forever. Worse, run the risk of someone blogging or tweeting about it and losing even more!

5. DON'T DISMISS YOUR GUT. That's right, suck it in. Your gut is full of information -yes, intuition! When your gut says all at once, "non-priority, rushed decision, non-professional, pushy-salesy, never wrong, charge-you-full-price after two visits and 7 hours of wasted time," trust us.... go with your gut. It was right. And it will continue to be right.

We could go on and on with this topic, but we want to hear from you! Share with us your tips on "What Not to Do," as learned through your own experiences, in comments. When has your favorite vendor let you down, your favorite regular restaurant made a potentially unforgettable mistake, or your formerly favorite store (or friend) bailed on you? And what have you learned from it? We want to hear! With that, enjoy your journey and every gig along your own World Tour of Success! Until next time,.... Rock On!

-Aly and Andrea

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