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In-house training is an internal training activity that refers to the process of teaching work-related skills, or knowledge to improve their daily performance. In-house trainings are useful tool for HR Managers, senior management teams, project managers, plant head, and all industrial verticals.

Key Points to Design an In-house Training:

Training Needs Assessment:
You have to carry out a training needs assessment in order to design an In-house training program for a particular company. You have to identify the business need, current trends and technology of their business; need to collect course material to teach them.

Design a Toolkit for Training:
In-house training material can include many things like seminars, workshops, regular assessment, exams, and so on. Figure out the Methodology, Training process, Documents, and toolkits to design a successful In House Training for Engineers.

In House Training Evaluation and Validation:
Before rolling out a new In House Training for Professional Engineer Programs on a large scale budget, or to new employees, evaluate the effectiveness of your educational and training programs and validate to ensure that training process that is delivered by the trainer meet the requirement of training packages and expected standard. To make necessary changes in your program format, evaluate the pros and cons of a new In house Training with a small number of people; then make necessary changes to the program at this initial stage.

Train the Trainers:
Before organizing any new In House Training Program, it is important that the trainers who will be presenting the training are fully capable to develop and upgrade the skills of training teams. This might require prior training from external trainer with strong corporate background to assist with the initial training set up.

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