In my arms, I will hold you tight. In my arms, I know you’ll be alright. As a parent, once your child is born, your whole life changes. It is at that moment that you realize how precious life really is. It is at that moment you can envision all the possibilities for your child’s future holds. You promise yourself that you will try and give your child the very best that life has to offer. From the moment your baby takes their very first step, you worry when they fall. You worry about their safety.

As your child grows their own wings, they constantly challenge themselves. They will test their limitations all the time. Us as parents, we discuss with them the rules they must follow; the time to go to bed, the time to come in to eat dinner, the importance of checking in when they go to their friends house, etc. We constantly worry about their safety and well being.

With that being said, you have to wonder why other’s don’t feel the same way. With this I mean that there are so many states that have different laws when it comes to a person; harming, abducting, sexually assaulting, or killing a child. I can understand that there are different circumstances and that each situation is unique, but I don’t feel that sentencing should vary from state to state. It all boils down to the child. Shouldn’t a child that lives in Iowa and one that lives in New York have the same justice? A child predator is a predator no matter what state they reside in. A child’s well being shouldn’t matter upon what state they reside in.

Other countries have their own way that they deal with their issues. In some countries a life of a child is reflected by their laws. Some of them have very strict laws and other countries are very lax.

The whole world is responsible for one child, for all children. You see, when something bad happens to a child, we as adults are responsible. No, we are not right there with them, but we do know that some of our laws are not right. We have a moral obligation to keep our eyes open FOR THEM. We have to start looking at people more closely. If you see anything strange, you need to take notice and always go with your gut instincts. If it doesn’t look right, or sound right, don’t be afraid to follow your instincts, especially where a child is concerned! Make sure you follow up, ask questions.

They have only one life. When you hold your child’s little tiny fingers in your hand, you never imagine anything bad ever happening to them. Then someone ends up kidnapping your child. It is up to the rest of us to step forward and help look for him/her. We need to look in every city and every state. Predators travel, so I’m asking you to do your part. It doesn’t matter if you are a single person that has a website, a small company or a large corporation; put the missing child banner on your website. Let the world look at their faces, maybe, just maybe someone might have seen them. Help bring those children back to the arms of their parents.

If you would like a banner of missing children on your website, click on the link and follow the directions.

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