Namah shivay! Advait Sri Vidya Saptashati divine act as its curtain raiser, Avdhoota explained how Shiv Yog Advait Sri Vidya is the sadhna of taking a new birth, releasing all past misery, provided the participant is willing to surrender.
The Siddha stated, "The primary difference between a student and a disciple is that a student comes to his teacher to learn and be knowledgeable whereas a disciple approaches the Guru seeking experience and transformation. When a seeker sits to attain wisdom, he receives a new start, a new birth, a new identity provided he is forward looking and has come with the intention of seeking inner & outer change."
Advising seekers to be experiencers rather than learned and cherish instead of analysing, the Enlightened Master highlighted the benefits of Advait Sri Vidya, terming the sadhna as a direct gift of God referring to the attribution of its first empowerment to Lord Shiva as Dakshinamurti Guru. The honorary doctor laid great stress on being worthy to receive the grace by bringing purity in life.
The Shakti Sadhna maestro harped on the need for seekers to merge their consciousness with the power of the Guru, making it clear that Advait Sri Vidya was no philosophy, no written knowledge, no conventional school of learning or meditation technique, acquired only through surrender and intention.

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Avdhoot Baba Shivanand is a Master of Ancient Vedic Practices, who has been sharing the sacred wisdom of ancient Siddhas that was only transmitted from the Guru to worthy disciples, thus being protected within the lineage. He is fondly known as “Baba ji” meaning father in Hindi.
Babaji was blessed at the tender age of 8 when a great Himalayan yogi 108 Jagannath Swami, one day called Babaji and initiated him with a mantra and quickly left the place. From this tender age, Babaji began his spiritual practices, all the while being guided and blessed by His masters.