Right now we live in a world where truth is not honored at all… people will say anything and create anything. But in the next 5 years, everything will change.

I find it interesting, that in all the spiritual texts it says that truth, love, and peace, are all interchangeable with the name of the Divine… but are we honoring truth?

What Can We Do?

1 - Be not afraid of what others say… live in your own truth.

2 - Let others say what they want… but know in your heart your own truth. You know in your heart and gut when something feels right or wrong… don’t let others control you.

3 - Of course, be truthful at all times… sometimes that is not easy but it’s the best way.

4 - Be in the world but not of it… step back from the world, know who you are deep down inside… and allow the world to be as it is. The world will create its own reverberation from the Universe. Remember what we put out into the Universe comes back to us 1000 fold.

5 - If you read, see, or hear something that doesn’t sound right… step back and know that “THIS IS NOT TRUTH” and let it go.

6 - Send love in the direction of all those who are creating falsehoods… remember love and light overcomes the darkness.

7 - Honor the truth as something special. Those who tell falsehoods have been with us since the beginning of time… this is nothing new.

8 - Honor anyone who speaks the truth as special, make them your friends, bring them close to you and take care of them.

9 - Unfortunately these are the times we live in right now… but eventually in the next 5 years truth will prevail and will become the norm.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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