The joints act like junctions that connect the bones. Joints are extremely important as they prevent friction between the bones hereby promoting bone health. These can be of various types depending upon the type of bones for instance hinge joint, ball and socket joint and pivot joint. The joints are responsible for the movement of different body parts and are extremely important for a healthy and normal life. Some of the joints are very stable and do not show any movement whereas others might show slight movement.

Bone and joint problems become very common as we grow old and mostly start to show their traces when a person crosses 40 years of age. The problem can affect both men and women but is more common in latter. The reason behind this is Menopause which results in decrease in the amount of estrogen produced by the body. Estrogen place a very important role not only in the reproductive cycle but also in protecting the bones and joints. After Menopause the estrogen levels in the female body tend to decrease drastically, leaving the bones and joints vulnerable to various problems. One of the major culprits behind various joint related problems is arthritis. The problem severely affects the joints and is quiet prevalent in middle and old aged people. The joints of a person can also get damaged by injuries suffered in an accident or from falling down.

Joint problems can be extremely painful and lead to inflammation and swelling. The patient feels difficulty in moving his Limbs. He may also experience general body weakness. The patients is not able to perform is day to day activities and becomes dependent on others.

Joint related problems can be easily treated by a number of ways that include surgical and non surgical procedures. Non surgical procedures include use of medications and physiotherapies to treat the affected joint. These prove to be very helpful incase of mild joint problems. However in case of chronic joint issues, is surgery might be required. Joint replacement surgeries are one of the best ways to completely get rid of any kind of joint problems. Millions of patients undergo the procedure every year and it has become one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Joint replacement surgery is usually recommended to patients whose joints have been damaged partially or completely.

Before the surgery it is very important to determine whether the patient is eligible to undergo the procedure or not. The procedure involves a lot of blood loss, hence is not advisable for patients suffering from high blood pressure. Diabetic and anemic patients are also not usually recommended such type of surgeries.

The doctors conduct a series of tests and screening which include x-rays and MRI and patient is given a specific date for the surgery.

During the procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia to induce unconsciousness. The affected area is cleaned and an incision is made through which the damaged joint is removed. The new prosthetic joint is then placed in its position and the wound is stitched up. The patient is carefully monitored throughout the procedure and kept under observation till he gains consciousness.

Hence joint replacement surgeries are the best treatment for various joint related problems that can prove to be very painful and prevent the patient from conducting his normal day to day activities. Joint replacement treatment in Jaipur have also attracted patients coming from foreign countries, hereby increasing medical tourism in India. Before the surgery, it is very important to determine if there is no other way to treat the patient and proceed only if other treatments fail to work. A series of tests are required to determine the adversity of the problem. The leading joint replacement surgeons in India make it a point to inform the patient about all the pros and cons of the surgical procedure and have to prepare the patient mentally for the surgery. The surgery requires high precision and accuracy as the surrounding tissues might get damaged during the procedure.

The surgery has certain risks as well and it is very important to know about all of these risks before undergoing the procedure. It can lead to blood clotting. These clots travel to the lungs causing pulmonary embolism. The excessive blood loss may also lead to complications. Since the size of the incision is quite large hence there are chances of developing infections. After the surgery the patient need to take proper care. Physiotherapy can prove to be very beneficial in helping the body to adapt new changes. Physiotherapy is also had to speed up the process of recovery and help to release the muscles of all the strain and stress. Joint replacement surgeries have helped millions of patients to regain their ability to move their limbs freely.

Joint replacement surgery is the medical procedure of replacing a damaged joint with an artificially created prosthetic joint that functions just like the original joint and prevents any kind of friction between the bones. Joint replacement surgery is the best way to treat joints damaged in an accident or due to prevailing medical conditions like arthritis. Bone and joint problems have become very common nowadays and can affect people of any age group. However older people are much more prone to these. Joint replacement treatment has gained a lot of momentum in India in the recent past due to the increasing number of patients complaining about various chronic joint problems. If you are looking for the best joint replacement surgeon in India, your search will end at Eternal Hospital which is one of the leading Orthopaedic Hospital in India. The hospital staff consists of the top notch orthopaedicians of India who have performed many successful joint replacement procedures. The comfort and satisfaction of the patients is given utmost priority and this is why Eternal Hospital is the most trusted name in the field of medicine.

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