I am 21 years old. I'll be 22 in November. I don't know if I really qualify as a 20-something since I've only hit my second decade of life two years ago. But I do know that after living with college freshmen (17 - 19 year olds) for 9 months, it doesn't matter if you're 21 or 28 - there is a very clear discrepancy between the teens and the 20-somethings.

Christine Hassler of the Huffington Post wrote an interesting post a couple of days ago called "10 Tips for 20 Something Transformation."

Reading the article was interesting because it felt like she wasn't really saying anything new.

Make choices, Stop Comparing, Make Mistakes.

Yet at the same time, there was something about those words being reinforced by someone else in a simple list format that was both intriguing and powerful for me. Also, although she specifically refers to 20-somethings, this list really could apply to anyone in any part of their life.

I suggest you go to the article if you want to see her full list, but here are a few tips that she had that I want to respond to.

Be present - So simple and so true. You know, as college students and post-college 'adults', I feel like we throw this phrase around a lot, but how many of us truly understand what it means to "be present"? Honestly, not many of us. Just as Hassler says, we concentrate so much on where we're going and with whom. I know I do that. But I'm also trying to change my thinking in acknowledging that when I am truly present and observe how I react to things, life will unfold itself the way it is meant to.

Tune in - YES! Please listen to your intuition! Intuition gets overlooked so often... Listening to your brain - cool. Listening to your heart - cool. Listening to your intuition - awesome.

Build Your Tribe - Note: "Facebook will not nourish your soul" - Hassler. Amen. When we enter college, we're sort of spoiled in that our tribe is made for us. We walk into a preassigned dorm and told that they are family for the next nine months. The rest of college continues sort of similarly as we create tribes with every new living situation. But as time passes, we learn who we want in our tribe, who we don't, who helps us evolve, and who stunts our growth with negative energy. I know much of where I am today is because of my tribe and there is nothing more important than our human (face-to-face!) relationships.

Again, the tips that Hassler point out are by no means exclusive to 20-somethings. But being 20-something and being surrounded by 20-somethings, it might be appropriate that she targets us specifically - I find that we are more easily thrown off balance at this time in life because it seems that what we see, what we believe, and what we know are in constant argument with each other. Thank you, ego.

I showed Hassler's post to a friend and she quickly exclaimed that she was going to print the list out and post it on her wall. Not a bad idea. Hassler's post should be a reminder to us all that life continues, our surroundings change, we adapt, and we keep moving. But we must live the experience moment by moment.

Before I end this post, a couple tips of my own.

Smile and Laugh - Please laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh with your friends, laugh when you are having fun. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so what's stopping you?

Breathe - I would say meditate as well. Go somewhere calming with no distraction, and just breathe in and out. Listen to your breathing, clear your mind, and just be.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Much love and take care

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