Join Holly on this journey of self-discovery! She will help you see why and how you do the things you do. Holly will lay out some distinct ways you can make your life stress free and more confidant – two important aspects of our lives that are sometimes absent.

During this presentation, you will discover fun, powerful and simple ways to learn more about yourself using shoes. Yes, you read it right, shoes. You will see yourself in a whole new way and will understand that living your “authentic self” will make your life so much more meaningful. It’s okay to just be you! “YOU ARE ENOUGH."  

Speaker Bio

Mother of 8, grandmother of 8, and wife of Scott Porter, Holly Porter is an international influencer, trailblazer, and innovative entrepreneur and philanthropist. Holly’s expertise is built on over 30 years in business, coaching, and in the beauty industry. She connects you for success and leads by example. Empowering individuals, and connecting communities, Holly has inspired and assisted over 130 other women authors in reaching a new level of success.

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Event Information:
Start Date: 11/11/2020 11:30 AM
End Date: 11/11/2020 01:30 PM
Time zone: US/Mountain Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location: The Pinery at the Hill775 Bijou St. Colorado Springs CO 80905 United States
Chapter: Colorado Springs, CO

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