If you have a book or audio program that you are selling, here’s an idea on how to not only extend the product to more fully leverage it, but also help your clients learn more at the same time.

Three things worksheets do for your clients.
You can create worksheets for each segment of your program. Worksheets are a simple, yet very powerful tool. They can help your clients:

- Reinforce the learning you provide
- Work through various topics
- Discover something new about themselves

Quick tips for developing worksheets.
Developing these worksheets doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Sometimes you might get stuck on something because you are over thinking it. But really, if you just think about how you have structured your material and pull out the main points, you have all you need to create thought-provoking worksheets.

When I originally prepared the worksheets several years ago, I admit I didn’t always know what to put on them. Sometimes I just didn’t do a worksheet for a particular assignment. Other areas were more obvious to me about what to include. And then there were times when I just copied a bit of text from the teaching and simply pasted that text onto a worksheet. I added some blank lines for students to work out how the subject mattered to them. Simple but effective.

Worksheets are a space to figure things out.

It doesn’t have to be this scientific thing. What I love about worksheets is how they give the reader the actual space to work out what the learning would look like for them, personally. How the information fits into their life. I have found sometimes you just need to give people a clean sheet of paper and say, “Okay, figure it out on this sheet. What would it look like for you?”

Make them convenient to use.

One piece I wish I had done differently is to separate the actual reading material in the system from the worksheets. People have told me they wish they could just take the workbook with them. So convenience and portability are worth keeping in mind.

Your Client Attraction Assignment.

Take a moment to review the information products you already have in your tool kit. Do you have one that clients would benefit from some deeper learning? I bet you do. I recommend coming up with a workbook that has places for clients to apply your teachings and figure out how to use the information to their best advantage. This is a great way to extend your current product line and increase revenue without having to start from scratch.

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