When working online your marketing success is tied directly to the amount of exposure your business receives. Creating an awareness of what you do or promote is the single biggest step towards building a profitable business for any internet marketer! Operating from the premise that time is money however it is important to focus on only creating exposures that lead to online profits! In other words it makes little sense to fish where the fish aren't biting! By better defining your target market, which may take some time and effort in the beginning, an internet marketer stands to benefit in 3 ways from that point forward!

Time Efficient

As an internet marketer if you intend to be successful you can plan on long hours since there's much to do and only you to do it! The main priority of just about any profitable business once they've thrown open the doors is marketing. Generating traffic or simply expanding your exposure is going to be the only way folks will know who you are and what you offer! Having said that much time will be invested in this area therefore it only makes sense to focus your efforts on functions, organizations and people who have an interest in your niche! Trying to be all things to all people by advertising to a broader base will of course increase your exposure but it will also increase your inefficiencies in terms of how you use your time! On the other hand narrowing your focus to only those who have an interest will help boost your online profits! In this way you are putting away the shotgun and pulling out the rifle!

Builds Important Relationships

Expanding your exposure is not always going to be about trying to make a sale but in many cases you're simply trying to create good will. Relationship building is huge but it makes little sense to invest the time and energy where relations will do you little good. This is not to say I'm anti-social but if your looking to increase your online profits you must fish where the fish are plain and simple!

Increases Return on Effort

Now obviously it is safe to assume that with a little due diligence in defining a market to better focus promotional efforts that results will be much better! It actually goes much deeper than increasing online profits however! This has everything to do with the amount of effort an internet marketer may invest in a project or business with little or no results to show for it! Frustration leads to mistakes which leads to a loss of confidence which eventually leads to a loss of motivation culminating in the internet marketer walking away from their dream! This is tragic and quite possibly the leading cause for so many business failures online and could be avoided with just a little advanced planning! Positive feedback gives us energy, hope, confidence and motivation which is something everybody can use more of to make for a better life!

The marketing success you achieve will be based upon the 'quality' of exposure you are able to generate. Obviously any profitable business needs traffic but if the internet marketer does not clearly define their focus when generating traffic much effort will be wasted! The danger here is that this leads to frustrations that can also result in errors being made which is a nasty cycle to be caught up in! Quite simply if the internet marketer is better able to target their advertising efforts they will experience greater online profits and at a faster rate!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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