When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, malignant cells have affected the chest area at its minimum. That could have only affected the lining or part of the breast. This is easier to dispose of. Lots of cancer patients, with accurate treatment and management are competent to endure this type of cancer. However, this is a challenge if the cancer has already advanced stage and that has affected adjacent organs.

Options for advanced breast cancer treatment are a kind of treatments that are destructive in nature as these are made in combinations. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are standard treatments for cancer. However, with an advanced stage, these treatments can be used alone. It should be in the combinations.

Suppose, your doctor may recommend removal of the tumor initially this means that the patient has to undergo surgery in order to physically remove the tumor. However, after surgery, the doctor can not completely guarantee the total elimination, as there are other areas affected. The cancer is already in its advanced stages and it has metastasized, probably, that in practice means that there must be other treatments used. Secondary cancers also need the same care and drugs. Your doctor may recommend more chemotherapy and other complementary treatments other than primary treatment previously given.

Apart from conventional treatments, other treatments as there are healing options for advanced breast cancer. These natural treatments are given both as primary treatment or secondary treatment. May be used alone as a treatment or can be a supplement to a primary treatment. What many people like about these treatments is the fact that it is completely safe and inexpensive to administer. The chemotherapy comes with nausea, fatigue and weakness. In addition, each cycle will cost thousands of dollars and a one-month cycle, it is rarely sufficient to ensure good patient improvement. There are many cancer hospitals in India where you will get world class treatment. Max Hospital, Fortis Health Care, Apollo, AIIMS are some of the famous hospitals where cancer treatment is performed.

Even if alternative treatments are identified to all natural and many are skeptical about these, many patients still prefer to use these. It's safe, everything is natural and, above all, is easily accessible.

A new breast cancer drug treatment has been unearthed from sea sponges to increase the life time of breast cancer patients whose cancer recurring, even after five rounds of chemotherapy, an average of 10 weeks days. This may not sound like much, but in the world of seriously ill face death, additional days and weeks are beyond price.

Eribulin is a new compound founded and developed by Eisai to treat breast cancer. It is naturally occurring compound from a marine sponge and used as a chemotherapy drug that works against the scaffolding that protects cancer cells, interfering with cell division and killing cells rather. This medicine is generally used by more chemotherapy drugs (taxanes) working in a different part of the scaffolding on the patient. There are number of cancer treatment procedure available in India. Infect cancer treatment in India is quite affordable when compared to Western Countries. Lost of people both domestic and international patience comes here for treatment.

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