To hold on to your career is a fine thing but only if this job gives you happiness and definitely answers to your wishes. If you don’t feel pleased having that sort of career, the key is easy as pie, make a different career. At the beginning it can seem complex, you might be left out of money, but think once again, you have nothing but one life on disposal, so use it completely - everyone has the right to feel excellent about him self and the things that he does. There is regularly a danger that the following job wouldn’t be the best job in the world, but at least you’ll know that you’ve tried and you’ll have one more episode in your life recapitulation. At last, you have not left behind something useful, it was just your awful career. The best time to go ahead and start this “makeover games” is right now!

Begin with making an “Idea listing” of all the things that make you happy, list out your favorite occupations. That would look for example like this: I like taking care of the garden, cooking Mexican cuisine, reading short stories, running in the forest, traveling in distant cities… List out the things you are competent in at, as well – for e.g. subjects you were great at in primary school, and include free-form items of things you like doing, no inevitably in the form of careers or job representations. Order the listing to keep the ideas you appreciate most at the top.

Delimit your ambition by priority and think long-term. Making finances is considerable one, but take in ambitions as working with elders, reducing tension, operating with your hands, getting a month off every year to go to your home country…

Correlate the Idea Listing and the Goal Listing side by side. Remove the things that doesn’t meet satisfying part of your ambitions and make a shorter listing of ideas, as it may be 6 or less. Then spring up with a career or job for each of the ideas on your short listing.

Following step is to assuming how much time do you require to educate your self in every of these activities. Remove those careers for which the qualification time or payment is nonsensically high.

Fantasy how your life will be in life to come if you have the wanted career. Will you still approve it a few years from now? Dedicate a few of weeks to write a book of poems for example and try to publish it. Also you should get to know people that work that job, search on internet how to incite…

The ultimate step is the decision, what do you consider that would be the greatest career for you. Write down the pleasant and the unpleasant sides of the career and the motives why you made this choice – it will be functional in life to come if you start having scepticisms about your choice.

Always have backup intentions if things don't work out absolutely the way you're planning them.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.