Getting traffic to your blog is not something that automatically occurs every time you post updates but rather requires a little preparation! The internet offers you plenty of people in search of blogs to read but you must first create awareness of your site as well as offer something worth the readers time!

Here are 3 simple 'rules' to follow as you prepare to post updates to your platform that will help get you the traffic you want and need!

Great Content

Consider this your 'anchor' in terms of attracting and retaining visitors! Remember people are looking for blogs to read and therefore it is the information they view that determines their level of satisfaction! Keeping visitors new or returning happy in terms of any information you offer when you post updates will directly influence the level of traffic you receive! Creating good quality content is your top priority as a blogger and failure to do so will result in little or no visitors to your site!


Keyword use is vital and is something you need to pay special attention to every time you post updates to your platform! Properly optimizing your posts helps to create awareness with the search engines which will in turn get you higher rankings! What this means for you is more 'free' visitors will land on your site because your platform turned up in their search results! Of course if you have posted something people are looking for this also means these people will be highly focused on what you write about!

Expand Your Presence

Simply stated search engine traffic is NOT enough to help your blog stay alive and thrive! You need to take other measures to create awareness of your platform by actively promoting each new post! Marketing your platform at social sites, forums or even distributing articles are only a few of several suggestions you can use to get more visitors! The point here is you must be more aggressive in calling attention to any new entries you publish! As already mentioned there are always people looking for blogs to read therefore you want to direct them to yours by promoting your site!

After investing the time and effort to create content getting traffic to your blog is the obvious next step so you can 'share' what you have to offer! Considering the internet has plenty of people in search of blogs to read you would think all you'd need to do is post updates and then wait for visitors! The reality is you must take certain measures to create awareness of the existence of your site to make this happen! Our discussion above is a quick review of 3 simple rules you'll want and need to follow before you post updates to be sure you get all the traffic your hard work deserves! Always keep in mind, you are not the only blogger out there, no matter how small your niche, and to succeed you must increase your exposure! Even before that however you'll also want to be sure before you do post updates that what you offer is of great quality!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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