A Custom Business Plan is an essential tool for managing and growing your firm. However, its success is dependent on how you prepare it and not just having one. It’s the quality and time you spend to create one that makes all the difference.

A complete business plan states your goals and the steps you need to get there. It’s an action plan for success. But do you need a business plan for your enterprise?

Well, most experienced business owner’s advice people to plan before implementing their idea. If many people advise you to create a business play, it must be adding value to your firm, right?

But entrepreneurs are a busy lot, some may not even have the time or skills to draft a new plan. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. Engage the services of a Business Plan Consultant to help you write a business plan.

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Planning for your business startup and growth is the key to success. These are some basic ways in which a business plan benefits your enterprise.

1. Business Planning Helps Businesses Grow 30 Percent Faster

An aggregated scientific research published in 2010 intimates that planning helps improve business performance. Interestingly, the study also concluded that business planning helped existing companies more than the entrants. But why?

As a business grows, it becomes aware of its needs and that of their customers. As such, the assumptions and guesses are likely to be low increasing your chance of success.

Another study intimates that firms which plan are able to grow 30 percent faster than the rest. Whereas the business may become successful without a plan, having one increases your chances of success.

In order to reinforce the connection between business planning and growth, another study was conducted. The research found out that 71 percent of all growing companies have a viable and actionable business plan.

Engaging your Business Plan Consultant to help set the budget, sales goals, and marketing plans. In most cases, this is done in the form of strategic plans, operational plans, and growth plans.

Irrespective of the name they use, it’s a forward plan. Make it count.

As the business owner, set aside some time to create a Custom Business Plan that works. More importantly, revisit and update your old plans as you learn more on the market and your clients.

2. The Earlier Your Start Planning the Better for Your Company

So, if having a Custom Business Plan allows your business to grow faster, when should you start planning? Well, the earlier you start the better.

Research shows that entrepreneurs who start planning ahead of time are able to establish legitimacy with their market. That’s a fancy way of saying these owners use a business plan to attract a potential investor, employees, and partners necessary to make your firm successful.

Entrepreneurs who are good at establishing legitimacy are able to succeed in their business. They’re also able to stay in the industry for long. I bet that’s what you want.

In fact, planning before talking to your customers and stakeholders is beneficial for your business. That said, planning should never replace the place of talking to new clients. Use the opportunity to determine what they need, what they’re willing to pay and how you’ll get to them.

3. Helps You Manage Your Cash

According to US Bank study, close to 82 percent of all businesses that collapse does so because of cash flow problems. Don’t get confused, cash flow means more than the cash you’re getting in and the one you’re spending out.

For instance, if you are operating a business on an invoicing system, you’ll need to make sure the payments are done on time. Payments that are done after your loans fall due will also result in negative cash flow.

Seasonal businesses are also likely to suffer from this problem also. These companies rarely get any income until it’s their peak season. As the owner, you’ll need to plan the finances and ensure you have the cash to see you through the off-peak seasons.


A business plan is an essential tool for managing your growth. Without it, the chances of growth are dimmed. As an entrepreneur, you should seek the services of a Business Plan Consultant to help you in your planning process. The experts will help draft coherent ideas that are captivating, factual and interesting to read.

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