Finding ways to engage with your audience is one of the toughest problems you face as a company. The key is to truly listen to and talk to your customers – share news, tell a story, listen to them, reward and delight them, and keep them coming back for more. Bulk SMS is an incredibly effective means to send all of this to your current and potential customers. About 78% of the customers are comfortable texting messages rather than making calls to businesses because text messages are answered instantly as opposed to voice calls that are put on hold almost always.

Marketing professionals say that there are four aspects that impact buying choices. These four

Aspects are recognized as the marketing assortment:

Product: What are you going to trade?

Price: How much cost you decide on your product?

Place: Where will the public purchase your product?

Promotion: How will the public know about your product?

Here are some Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Bulk SMS Marketing

Customer Service and Support

As it goes, there are several factors that make customer service experience a success for your business. The two most important factors being:- One it should be instant. Second, it should be mobile, which means messages could be read and exchanged almost anytime.

Ongoing Customer Relationship Engagement

As per a study conducted a 5% increase in customer retention propels profits by almost 25-95%. Bulk SMS helps your business stay connected with your existing customers. That is by offering ongoing service, helping them whenever there is a need, and more importantly, creating up selling opportunities. No matter what, nothing could beat the effectiveness of text messages.

Send New Schemes and ideas

One need to catch on the existing customer a long time to improve profit limits. This means one needs to come up with significant marketing plans and approaches, like calls, emails, podcasts, web seminars and many more. This will make the customer accord and stay with the service provider for the longer period.

Context-based Marketing

Sure, the kind of targeting an SMS offers to businesses is simply unparalleled. Customers very often fall for this bait considering the context in which they received it. However, you could do a notch better by sending messages in the right context, because the context is something that could inspire your customers to keep coming back for more and more.

Running Cost Effective Campaigns

Bulk SMS text messaging is an affordable strategy that helps you send Bulk SMSes to a targeted group of people that get read in a matter of seconds. Going by its cost-effective nature, businesses can easily run campaigns and even support their campaigns with incentives and offers.

Permission-based Targeting

Permission-based messaging makes sure that your messages are sent to the targeted audience only and not to any random person. Personalizing your marketing messages help build long-term loyalty. Customers are more likely to buy from your business if the messaging is pertinent and personal.

Target your customers in the heat of the moment

The most effective way to get subscriptions is to attract their attention when soon-to-be-customers move around your brand. A perfect example is restaurants with the call to action to send a text so they can receive discounts. Customers can send a text to that short code and start receiving special loyalty discounts. Right there, on the spot.

Show Them Urgency

Texts are opened and seen almost instantly. This means that add the urgency that requires the customer to take action immediately can increase the chance of conversion substantially. Give a limited offer with a great incentive that will leave the customer wanting even more. Message with a clearly stated limited offer is something that a receiver either reacts to or not without postponing it for later.

With Bulk SMS on your side, you can expect a boost in customer retention rates from the moment you begin using Transactional Bulk SMS Service.

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