LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL ( Citrus limonum )

Aromas: Fresh, sweet, lemony, citrus, fruity
Chemical Family: Monoterpene, Lactone


Who doesn't love the sweet, tart and fresh aroma of lemon? It's scintillating clean scent appears in many cleaning agents and it's widely used and loved as a food flavoring agent. Lemon's natural astringency is also excellent for removing gum, oily residue and grease spots.

What would life be like without mom's lemon bars or grandmother's lemon meringue pie. Our memory of favorite aromas lasts a life time. Just the smell of lemon floods my mind with fond memories from childhood. How about you?

But, did you know that the scent of Lemon can boost your ability to focus, enhance you memory and work productivity?

Japanese research scientists who conducted a study about the effect of lemon essential oil on the ability to focus reported that the diffusion of lemon essential oil into an office environment dramatically improved mental accuracy and concentration. The research results showed that the typical mistakes were reduced by 54 percent when lemon oil was diffused into an office or work room.

Another research study in Japan published in 'Nutritional Neuroscience' reported that lemon pure essential oil improved the memory of subjects impaired with dementia.

Hospitals and medical centers in U.S. are conducting similar controlled studies with the use of citrus oils, including lemon, in associated assisted living centers where there is a high incidence of impaired memory among residents. Lemon oil has been shown to not only improve memory, but also helped with depression, improving the mood and spirits.

As Lemon essential oil comes from the fresh peel it should be obtained exclusively from organically grown fruits that are known to be pesticide-free!

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