Steps to improve self esteem. Increase your self esteem and you will increase your income and improve your relationships.

No matter what problem has manifested within your environment (not as much money as you'd like,poor relationships)the problems stem from one thing:LACK OF SELF WORTH.

Whether you believe in the Laws of the Universe (God's laws)or just in Neuro Linguistic Programming,the formula is still the same:You believe and so you will attract.

Authors like Anthony Robbins and Louise L.Hay have spoken on this very topic for years.

Both stress the importance of self worth and how it reflects in all your endeavors.

I agree whole heartily.

Without increasing your self worth your business plans and relationship plans will almost always fail.Then you will devise new ones only to fail again.

As you can imagine (or as you already know)this will not increase your self esteem by any means.

Before we get into how to increase self worth,let us reflect on signs that you suffer from low self worth:

·Your feelings get hurt easily or often ·You are angry at others for causing you pain ·You are in a bad relationship ·You are struggling financially ·You are messy and disorganized ·You are chronically ill ·You are often late or cancel all together ·You avoid people ·You are afraid when checking email or phone messages that someone will be displeased ·You answer 'yes'to almost every request made of you ·You hate the thought that you are being misunderstood or disliked

Any of those appear familiar?

Now, lets get steps you can take to increase your self worth.


Poor self worth is tied to the mind's neuro linguistic programming.

Affirmations will change the neuro linguistic programming which inturn will change the (your) self worth.

Neuro linguistic programming is fancy talk for "how the mind works".

Your mind, over the years,has taken a beating.It has began collecting evidence of why life is hard and why you are not deserving,often unbeknownst to you.

The mind takes 'evidence'(little comments from others,disappointing glances from parents, what you feel are failures on your own part etc.)and creates a certain set of beliefs.

These beliefs are sometimes obvious:"Earning money is not easy!"Or not so obvious:"I am not that great.I am not special like she is."

The good news is that beliefs are just thoughts.Thoughts that you have said so many times and that have been reinforced so often your mind sees them as fact and attracts situations to you that match this.

So now you must create new thoughts.

New thoughts that will eventually, through the work described below, become your new unconscious beliefs which will inturn attract situations to you that correspond with those beliefs.

Such as prosperity(money money money, health, wellness and happiness)and abundance (tons of everything good you deserve).

Changing Your Neuro Linguistic Programming

Step One:Start with a basic affirmation.

Anthony Robbins recommends:Everything I need is within me. Louise L.Hay suggests:I approve of myself. I prefer:I accept and love myself as I am.

And do not expect to believe this statement when you first begin working with it.If you already believed these statements most likely you would not be reading this article,would you?

Step Two: Choose one affirmation to begin with.

You can add more when you feel your ready,but lets begin with one for now.And do not fret, even though you are not directly focusing on money, more will come to you when you get into changing your self worth as they are tied together.


Also remember that your affirmation must be in the positive.Repeating 'I do not suck'will defeat your purposes.

Step Three:Become obsessed with this affirmation.

Say it a thousand times a day. At least. In your head,out loud.Write it and read it.

Listen to it as you drift off to sleep (as my gift to you,visit my website to create your own audio).

Now,let me recap:


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