In recent times the process of car tuning has gained huge popularity among the motorists across the world and all of them getting it done on their car to enjoy its improved performance. Well, you will agree that last couple of years have witnessed dynamic hike the fuel prices across the world, thus making it difficult for the car owners to manage a balance between their monthly budget and expenses on fuel. Going through this problem there are searching for different methods that are helpful in minimizing their investment on fuel.

Interestingly, nowadays there are the plethora of techniques that could play an important role in enhancing the performance of your beloved car by simply modifying a few of its components at cost-effective charges. Car tuning one of such methods which in recent years have emerged as the best solution to combat with the problems like a decline in the fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency. In simple terms, the car tuning may be defined as the tuning the settings of engine control unit that is connected with the engine of the car through the sensors with help of the software.

This might surprise you, but going through the vast technical developments across the world, there is the dynamic change in the manufacturing techniques of the car and today the functionality of the car is controlled through the software installed in its engine control unit. As there is a decline in the performance of the four-wheeler due to its regular wear and tear, tuning the engine control unit helps in improving the overall performance of your vehicle to a huge extent. The process involves rewriting the program configured in the software to determine the functionality of any vehicle.

But, as the whole process is quite complex there is need of an expert tuner who is well versed with the process of tuning and is capable of extracting the hidden powers of the vehicle without affecting the other parts. This has resulted in the huge demand of expert technicians who are well acquainted with the proper knowledge of tuning. Going through this requirement, the different type of car tuning training courses are being initiated by various technical institutions across the world.

The worth mentioning feature of these courses is that they not only let the students understand the process of tuning but also provides them an opportunity of tuning the cars during the training so as to get familiar with the problems which they might face during their profession. One more interesting feature of these courses is that if any of the students are not able to join the classroom sessions due to any reasons whether he lives in some other country or due to some, then they get to undergo the course through online classes. The online classes are organized through video calling on skype or through video conferencing.

Categories of the tuning training courses: If you think that tuning the cars empowered with the diesel or gasoline is same then there is a vast difference and therefore depending upon the interest of the students the course is divided into two categories.

1. 3-day tuning training course in diesel or gasoline engine: Going through the interest of the candidates towards these engine configurations, an individual training course is organized for both the diesel and gasoline engine. During the course, students are taught not only given the theoretical knowledge about the tuning but also have to undergo practical classes wherein they are given the natural conditions which they could face while tuning the car that comes into their garage.

2. 5 days combined course in diesel and gasoline engine: As the name suggests students pursuing this course are taught methods of tuning both the engines simultaneously so that they are capable of tuning both types of vehicles without any issue.

Types of courses: Going through the increasing craze of students towards such courses there are different courses offered to the aspirants. These courses are referred to as below:
1. Alientech ECM titanium: 3-day tuning course (diesel & gasoline)
2. Dimsport race 2000 masterclass: 3-day diesel & gasoline
3. Swiftec master: 3 days combined diesel & gasoline course
5. Map 3d course: 3-day tuning course diesel & gasoline
6. Alientech ECM titanium course: 5 days advanced tuning course (diesel & gasoline)
Apart from the above-mentioned courses, there are lots of courses that are initiated for the students willing to explore their career in the field of car tuning.

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ECU mapping has emerged as the best way to enjoy improved performance of the car that is old and is not performing according to its determined standards. But, as the process of mapping an ECU is critical there is a requirement of expert technicians who could effectively remap the ECU and enhance its performance. Going through this Viezu Technologies offers different types of car tuning training courses that are helpful in educating the car technicians with the methods of car mapping in an appropriate way.