In today’s scenario, there is a huge need of professionals who are not only experienced, but also well versed with latest techniques of performing any task, which in earlier days took long time to accomplish it. The need of such professionals is not only stagnated in sectors which required any specific degree like B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA or any other type of professional degree, but also in professions which till few years back do not require any degree to expertise in that task.

Let us, for instance talk about profession of car mechanics. From years it was not necessary for aspirants willing to explore their career in car mechanism to carry any degree or undergo a professional course to become a car mechanic. But, with a change in method of car manufacturing the method of car servicing and repairing also underwent vast change, and today there is huge demand of car technicians who are not only well acquainted with new types of car mechanism but also carry necessary certificate for offering different type of services that are helpful in enhancing performance of a vehicle.

Here, it would be important to understand that performance of a vehicle is mainly determined on basis of its power generation and fuel consumption efficiency. In beginning, a vehicle delivers the performance as endorsed by car manufacturer, but as it starts getting older there is decline in its performance, which adversely pushes car owner towards additional expenses for improving performance of his vehicle.

This is a common problem from which every car owner sitting next to you suffers from, but surprisingly there is one more segment of car owners who is not even satisfied from existing performance of newly purchased car. Going through requirements of such car aspirants there is huge demand of expert technicians who are well versed with new mechanism installed in cars of today’s generation.

Well, this might be surprising for you, but with changing time there is change in methods of car manufacturing and now mechanism of car is mainly controlled through a software that is installed in the engine control unit of car. As an impact of this there is a need of technicians who are computer savvy and have undergone necessary training required for improving performance of a vehicle. This has resulted in origin of different courses that are initiated by various technical institutes for educating young car technicians in understanding the concept of software installed in car and methods of changing the settings of software.

Courses that are helpful to students in understanding the process of enhancing car’s performance are mentioned below:

  1. Alientech Software Training Course: To expertise in making use of Alientech software the prospective technician has to undergo intensive training of five days during which he is taught methods of editing the programming map installed in software for determining performance of a vehicle. This course is suitable for all aspirants whether they are experienced or unexperienced with process of tuning. It is regarded as first step in world of tuning after which going through advancement in power generation efficiency of a vehicle, student is required to expertise in that particular engine configuration. Topics covered under this course are introduction to engine remapping, diesel engine, fuel injections system, intake system, supercharging system, antipollution system, tuning case studies and engine control unit. An interesting feature of this course is that depending upon their availability students have an option of online courses and joining classroom tutorials.
  2. EVC WINOLS Training Course 5 Days Diesel and Gasoline Course: This is a short intensive five days remapping course that facilitates students to get acquainted with knowledge of using EVC WINOLS software for remapping the diesel and gasoline engine. WINOLS is an advanced system that is helps in retaining control over remapping, finding hidden maps and limiters. During course initiation students are given on the hands training by making use of genuine software to gain confidence of remapping the engine without any assistance.
  3. Swiftec Training Master: 5 days ECU remapping tuning course (diesel and gasoline): Whether you have any knowledge about car tuning or you are completely a rookie then undergoing this course will help you in becoming an expert car technician within the span of five days. The course begins with an introduction to ECU remapping, after which the students are taught the method of tuning the engine by making use of Swiftec software, along with this they will also be educated about the methods of using deactivations side of Swiftec. The topics covered under this course include learning the use of deactivation models like DPF, EGR, DTC, 02 and speed limiters, diesel remapping, gasoline NA remapping, and gasoline turbo remapping.

Depending upon the interest of students this course is further divided into different courses into three day diesel or gasoline, 3 day combined gasoline and diesel, 1 day advanced tuning course etc.

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Besides, these courses there are different types of tuning courses and softwars that are helpful in understanding concept of engine remapping at an ease. An appreciating feature of these courses is that they play an incredible role in giving professionally qualified technicians to automotive world.