Today a great part of the production takes place in the tertiary economy sector, the industry of services. Today millions of people work in front of their computers in sophisticated software and online on a constant effort to increase efficiency and productivity. The need of new advanced and integrated software becomes apparent. It seems, though, that computers are devided between the Mac's and the Windows, each one with distinct differences, capabilities and properties. However, many times users need to work on both operation systems simultaenously. This is where virtualization have come handy the recent years.

Virtual machine is a piece of software that allows you to run operating systems within that software environment. You can run anything, from Linux to Windows and other server based OS. Students have an extra reason to use parallels desktop since there is an ongoing savings code for students.

Parallels Desktop for Mac lets you run thousands of Windows programs and applications within the MacOS. The newer version has new features and it is fully optimized for MacOS Sierra.

If you decide that you definitely need a virtual machine, Parallels Desktop has three different editions.

Home Edition at $59.99(one time fee)

Pro Edition at $89.99/year

Business Edition $89.99/year

The Home Edition is mostly for home and student users. It gives you plenty of options but you’re limited on free upgrades. This means it will cost you more because you will have to buy the next year’s version in order to have the latest features and updates.

Pro Edition is a little more beneficial. This version is for advanced users who want better performance, access to networking tools and support for running Visual Studio and other test tools.

Business Edition is for big companies and IT departments who need to run Windows OS and have advanced performance. It is designed to reduce power consumption on your MacBook Pro, run smoothly with MacOS Sierr .a and use Cortana (Windows virtual assistant).

Depending on what you want to do, all editions are updated with the latest features and technology that gives Parallels Desktop a good reputation in the market place.

If you’re a business owner you may be using many different apps, from cloud storage, password managers, editing software and other. These applications cost a lot of money and most of them come with an annual subscription.

Parallels Desktop is sold at $59.99 for one computer. If you lookup for coupons in Google you may save up to 50% and buy it really cheap! Use these coupons in the coupon box at the checkout page. Spiqy offers a 50% student discount. The total cost for a two year subscription is just $34.99! That’s a “smart buy”.

Parallels Inc is an international company based in Seattle, USA. It has offices globally and provides cross-platform solutions for individuals and businesses. Parallels Desktop for Mac is a well known product. If you don’t want to spend your money on something you are unsure it will work for you, you have more options. Download a free trial on your Mac and install Windows 10. Within a few hours you will be able to use Windows apps and run MacOS at the same time!

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Steven Papas is a software engineer and a blogger in technology websites. He is a co-editor in, a website which offers discount coupons and reviews for software and online services.