In recent years the trend of learning the use of computers for improving the performance of a vehicle has gained a huge popularity among the car enthusiasts. Well, before, proceeding ahead, let us first understand that why there is a need of enhancing the boosting or enhancing the performance of a vehicle? Or, who are people that are willing to upgrade the existing performance of their vehicle. Interestingly, an answer to this question can be divided into two categories. Under one category are those persons who own an old car that is five to seven years old and is not capable of boosting the desired power and deliver the endorsed fuel efficiency.

The second category comprises of the owners who have bought a new vehicle which is empowered with a powerful engine, generating substantial power, which is beyond the imagination of a layman. But, as these owners are not satisfied from its existing performance, they are interested in enhancing the performance of their vehicle. These motorists are mainly the mavens who want to extract more from their vehicle and, therefore, they are always searching for the methods that are helpful in enhancing the performance of their vehicle to their desired level.

Interestingly, going through the concern of both these types of car lovers, the practice of remapping the engine control unit is helpful in enhancing the power generation and fuel delivery efficiency of the vehicle. But, surprisingly, with the changing time, the practice of remapping the engine control unit has undergone vast changes, and the days have gone back, when the remapping was carried out manually. With the changing time and change in the methods of car manufacturing by making use of computers for determining the performance of different components installed in a car, the practice of engine control unit remapping is conducted with the help of software.

As the whole process is computerized and more technical, there is a huge demand of technicians who are well versed with the use of software and computer for determining the improved parameters of the vehicle. At the same time it has also resulted in the developed of different software that are helpful in carrying out the task of engine control unit remapping smoothly without any complexity. An interesting feature of different software used for remapping is that depending upon the type engine installed in the vehicle the technicians can use them accordingly. Going through this necessity its has become necessary for the technicians to understand the use of these software. Some of these software are referred below:

Swiftec Software: Whether you are an experienced technician expert in remapping the engine control unit manually or completely a novice technician, learning the Swiftec software helps you in enhancing your knowledge of remapping the engine control unit according to the type of engine installed in a particular vehicle. This include 3 day gasoline or 3 day diesel Swiftec training or 5 day combined Swiftec training for diesel and gasoline engine. During the course the students are told the process of remapping the engine control unit by locating the maps or program. During the execution of the course they are given theoretical and practical knowledge under the natural circumstances.

Alientech Software: An interesting feature of this software is that if you are not able to join the regular classes, then depending upon your convenience, you can even undertake this course through online classes. The students learning the use of Alientech Software are taught the following topics.
Air Intake system
Alientech data bank
Antipollution systems
Diesel tuning
ECM Titanium software tour
Fuel injection system
Gasoline tuning and
Intrdouction to remapping
Petrol turbochargning tuning
Superchargning system

Understanding the mechanical aspects of diesel engine
Understanding the working of ECU
Apart from the above mentioned software there are various software and courses that are helpful in teaching the technicians understand the modalities related with engine control unit remapping.

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