Your business success online depends a lot upon how mentally sharp and rested you are since this will bring you better results! Internet marketers typically work alone which means not only are you the 'boss' but you're also the one who carries ALL the stress and fatigue! This therefore brings up yet another 'responsibility' internet marketers have which is to learn to 'push away' from their computer to avoid burnout! Although this thought may be agonizing for many since there is so much to do when working online, it will help you get better results from the efforts you do invest!

Believe it or not for anyone who does work alone online, taking breaks can in fact increase your success and here are 3 reasons why!


Most experienced internet marketers are fully aware that even though sitting in front of a computer is NOT hard work, it's still drains your energy! This type of burnout leads to nowhere good and in this case it makes you more tense and your efforts will reflect it! By stepping away, even for a short time, you will feel revitalized and therefore produce better results!

New Perspectives

Just getting away allows you to view things differently and in many cases a new perspective can offer many benefits! Let's face it staring at a computer screen doesn't do much for your creativity and when you work alone you don't even have someone from whom you can get valuable feedback! This type of situation can easily stagnate or at least narrow your thinking! By unplugging from the internet you are able to 'submerse' yourself into more 'active' social environments! This in turn helps you relax and stimulates your thinking thus giving you a fresh new perspective on the way you perceive things!

New Ideas

Although the internet is regarded as a leading sources of facts and information, it is NOT where things 'occur' but more where they end up! Everything takes place in the material world and not the virtual one many keep themselves submerged in! The biggest edge internet marketers have in terms of developing a successful business is their own creativity! Having said that the best way to 'kick-start' your creative juices is to distance yourself from a work environment that was NOT designed to promote creativity! By remaining in an environment designed to help you stay focused you're essentially smothering your ability to think outside the box!

Your business success on the internet does depend upon how much effort you put into it but by taking breaks you can even get better results! Many internet marketers are driven or even overwhelmed by all they have to do since for the most part they work alone! On the other hand this does NOT mean taking time away is taboo but rather it is even more vital to their success! The purpose of our discussion above is merely to focus on the importance that taking 'time away' serves to those who work alone online! In the end why waste your own time and efforts if you're too stressed or fatigued to be productive in the first place?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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