Traffic is one of the most important thing for a Website/Blog. So here is the most successful ways to boost the traffic Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. there are more things to done more than just share your links on stream. Let's see them step by step.

There are 5 ways to drive traffic through Facebook.

i) Fan Page.
you can make a fan page that automatically make notes by your blogs RSS feed. To make one, Go to "Facebook pages I admin" then Click "+Create a page" and choose the option "Artist, Band or Public Figure" Then select the roll as Author. And type the topic of your blog in the name field.After you have done click "Get Started" Don't forget to upload a full size profile picture (540 x 180) Then invite your friends to like your page and share it on your wall.

Set the basic information. Now you have created a basic page.

Now let's add you blog RSS feed URL to it. Then click the Edit page button in the page. you will see a lot of options to fill. Leave them to fill out later. Because we have to add RSS feed URL first.

So, Click on the "Apps" tab is the sidebar. Then select the "Go to App" link in the Note section.(as in the picture)

Then you will see a link at the bottom of the right sidebar, saying "Edit import settings" at the subscribe section. Click it and add your blog's post RSS URL there. check the box and click Start importing.

Now you have created a cool fan page for your blog. Also Don't forget to add a like box in the blog.

ii)Status update
A little effective method. Just update your status with a message that says about your post. Don't ask just for a visit. add a little description. If they interested, It will not stop with just a visit! (Trust Me!)

iii)Group walls
This is a very interesting method. And If you use it wrong, This is the most boring method.

When you create a post, Search for some groups that related to your topic. It's very important to be relative with the post. If it's not, They will report you as a spammer or you'll get noticed as a spammer on the members mind. If you became a spammer, you'll never get this work effective. So Please don't be a spammer.

Alternatively There are some groups That allow you to post your links on walls.Like some Blog readers clubs.

No matter the amount of members, Sometimes a few members will be more active.

iv)Creating Docs
My personal favourite and the most effective way.

Just like article submitting (But no Backlinks) search for a group as in the last one. I mean a group that related to your topic. When you post a new post on your blog, copy it and past it as a doc in the group.

Or you can make some changes like not being more specify. Then add your link at the Top as the source. And at the bottom ask them to visit you for more interesting posts or for get more details about the doc
Don't just post the title and ask for a visit. I mean, Don't be a Spammer.

v)Get shred by others
This is a great thing, but it's hard to get the method work. Because you can't do it your self. you need some fans to do this. Also every reader will not share them even if they are interested in your post. So we have to ask them to do share or we have to do a little push on their minds.

You can kindly ask for a share in the bottom of the page. And the more effective way is to add a widget to make the share easy. If it's easy to share. readers will not be strange. :D It's Better to add a floating widget if it suits with your blog or Website. Because It'll follow your readers in their way down.
Isn't it like asking them to share?

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Lives in county side of Sri Lanka.
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