Sanimed stairlifts were designed to help those that have difficulties climbing stairs or must use a wheelchair to get around their homes. These individuals may have issues with arthritis or could have had a stroke which has brought on problems when it comes to climbing stairs as well as those with breathing problems. Climbing stairs can be a major task for those with asthma or emphysema as well as other physical problems. The good news is that with Sanimed stairlifts, climbing stairs will be an easy task that will provide the person with more mobility.

If you are considering Sanimed stairlifts for your home, you may believe the process is one that will take hours of construction and will costs quite a bit of money. The opposite is true.

The cost of a Sanimed stairlifts are very comparable in the market and often may even be covered by insurance. The construction of the Sanimed stairlifts is nothing more than a seat that is fitted to a rail or track that runs along the side of the staircase. The best part is that the chair can be folded up when not in use so it will not be the way for others traveling up and down the staircase.

The best part of all is that Sanimed stairlifts can fin on any type of staircase including spiral, straight, curved or even for stairs outside the home. The stairlifts use electricity for power but can also have battery backups so they can be used even if the electricity goes out due to a storm, so you never have to worry about being stuck upstairs without a way to easily get back down the stairs in any situation.

Sanimed stairlifts come in an array of colors and models, which are all very easy to operate. In the majority of cases, the operating system is placed on the armrest for easy maneuverability. Some units may have a box placed at the top and bottom of the stairs for operating. The seat if made up of three pieces which include a footrest, armrests, and the seat, which can be easily folded up.

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The chair designed by Sanimed stairlifts is normally able to swivel 90 degrees or in some cases 180 degrees dependent on the user’s choice of chairs. As the person sits on the chair, they are facing away from the wall but as the person starts to get up from the chair, it will pivot 90 degrees and lock in place. This allows the user to easily and safely get up from the chair without any worries of falling. A seat belt is usually also included in all models. What is really great is that Sanimed stairlifts also have sensors that will detect if there are objects on the stairs while others may even have a specific speed at which the seat will rise or lower to the destination. The major benefit of is that it allows individuals that were hindered by any reason more mobility around their own home.
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