It is very typical for people to underestimate the power of QA testing teams. In fact, the probability of considering negative aspects of a testing team is also important for a business. It is essential to discover the bugs that one has not considered earlier. Then they also try doing things that were never designed to handle a product. Thus, they record defects only once an unexpected behavior occurs. This can be a challenge for most of the independent software testing companies.

It is observed that testers may not get the respect they deserve from their development teams, and the reasons are quite obvious. If testers are good at their jobs, they need not worry about their repute, instead, their work speaks for them. A product should be tested accordingly and testers should do their best in finding issues in a software app’s behavior.

Power of the Software Developers

A software developer always initiates from the beginning and makes a product. Whether he creates an entirely new product from scratch or adds a few new features to a product, the end result wasn’t a product earlier.

A good developer uses a user-centric approach and thinks of all the ways a customer would like to use a software app. In certain cases, the developers work according to product specifications created by product managers while in others, they consider user behaviors to determine how they would handle an app.

Since developers always dive into the unknown, they look for product experts to get guidance in their development process. Here, product managers may often specify the behavior of a product so that developers can code effectively. Thus, independent software testing companies ensure that they involve their developers with extreme

Tester’s Power

As compared to developers, testers begin their job with a completed code. They see code in an unfinished state until they have approved of it. Testers work hard to figure out how a user will get that code to misbehave in the future. We can say that developers begin with blank spaces and create valuable behaviors, but testers begin with valuable behavior and find the ways a user will act or could diminish the value.

A good tester assumes that users may be bad actors and attempt to do something that a developer may not expect. Most of the time, the product team did not consider that behavior, since they had not written any specification for it.

In order to understand what software testers are truly capable of, it is important to realize that they have tough deadlines, which make their jobs even more critical. Gone are those days when independent software testing companies were not popular. Nowadays, independent software testers have a great scope for work since they are in demand and enterprises consider hiring them so that they can get unbiased feedback from outside their company. It helps them in improving software quality and achieving customer satisfaction.

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