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Our main motive is to provide you all the latest updates in and outside from our India. We are impartial and independent, and every day we create distinctive, world-class content which informs millions of the people like you in India and around world.

It is an online arm with hard news as it core offering and interactivity as its key component. In a short time period, India Abhi Abhi has created benchmarks in innovation, impact, ratings, and viewer-support. India Abhi Abhi has attained an image of channel that is constructive, solution seeking, engaging and relevant to the common people.

You will be benefitted by reading our post daily as here you will all the useful discussions from the latest news to jobs, education and changing economic picture of India.

Why we deliver our creative remits to public?

These public purposes outline the values we hold when we are striving to achieve our mission to inform, entertain and educate. And provide you all a clear framework through which we are held to account.

The following set out how we have met the requirements of those public purposes.

1. We provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them.
2. To shoe the most eligible, creative, high quality and distinctive output and service.
3. To support learning for people of all group of ages.
4. To reflect the India, its culture and ethical values around the world.
5. Our purpose is to reflect, represent and serve to the diverse communities of all the India’s nation, regions, and in doing so.
6. Support the creative economy across the India.

Dear reader, we are telling that really matter to you because it is you who really matter to us.

Before publishing a story, we always first ask to ourselves.

• Is this story really relevant?
• Is it important to publish?
• Is this is the only story reader wants to read?
• Are they really going to read them?
• Try to find the best way to tell this story to our audience.

Seizing this opportunity, India Abhi Abhi with its credo right now takes the center stage by influencing the influencer, by delivering the most compelling and irreplaceable content to these viewers. We only deliver information that is not biased. As people are tired of biased reportage and we stand for a globalized united world. So, for us the world is only true place.

We wanted to grow consistency, profitability, ethically and honestly. To protect the environment and scarce resources by practicing and propagating environmentally sustainable practices and causes. Our value is to respect all the external and internal stakeholders while seeking and listening to multiplicity of voices and value cultural diversity and differences and parameters.

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