A bone marrow transplant is a restorative strategy performed to supplant bone marrow that has been harmed or demolished by disease, contamination, or chemotherapy. This methodology includes transplanting blood undifferentiated organisms, which go deep down marrow where they deliver new blood cells and advance the development of new marrow.

We can also find bone marrow in the center cavities of bones, within the ends of the long bones of legs and arms.

Bone marrow treatment is one of the treatments which ought to be finished with extraordinary experience and profoundly sterile equipment. That is a motivation behind why individuals pick India. India is one the main nation for therapeutic tourism, it is additionally known for its viable cost and world-class specialists. Thus, individuals dependably favor bone marrow transplant in India.

We have different types of bone marrow transplant to do –
1. Autologous bone marrow transplant:
An autologous transplant utilizes a man's own particular immature microorganisms. In this strategy, undeveloped cells are gathered from the patient and solidified in fluid nitrogen before transplant molding. Immature microorganisms are characteristically ordinary, and they are gathered to permit platelet recuperation after the organization of high measurement treatment that would some way or another irreversibly harm them.
2. Allogeneic bone marrow transplant:
An allogeneic transplant utilizes undifferentiated cells from a giver whose human leukocyte antigens (HLA) are worthy matches to the patients. The undifferentiated organism benefactor might be identified with the patient, or they might be a random volunteer found through a giver registry inquiry, for example, the National Marrow Donor Program. In this, the donor can also be from same genes or any relative.
3. Umbilical cord bone marrow transplant:
This procedure is constantly discretionary and like an allogeneic transplant. In this another conceived undifferentiated cells are utilized, they will evacuate the newborn child's umbilical rope after the birth. These foundational microorganisms are put away and utilized when required. As the immature microorganisms are new they will require more opportunity to recoup and they don't need to correct match.

Bone marrow transplant cost in India -
A great deal of hypothesis has gone into India's human administrations division starting late. There are different recuperating focuses transversely finished India giving both bone marrow and foundational microorganism transplants at a little measure of the cost diverged from the US and Europe. While the cost may be more affordable, the nature of treatment remains high. Various Indian masters get ready and get inclusion with recuperating focuses the world over and take their capacity back to India, and a various Indian specialist's offices are in a relationship with American associations. Bone marrow transplants in India ranges from USD 12,000 - USD 22,000.

Reasons to choose India –
•Quality of treatments
•Easy to travel
•No language barriers
•World class doctors
•Customized approach
•Latest Equipment

Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India –
1. Apollo Hospital Chennai
2. Apollo Indraprashtha Hospital, Delhi
3. Fortis Hospital Mulund
4. Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore

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