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Voted as ‘One of the hot-spot tourist destinations in the world’ by Travel & tourism council, India is truly a delight to explore. Welcome to India, a cultural & nature-blessed land where one can find exclusive beauty of nature, architectural splendour of primitives and spirituality of pilgrimages centres. To the north, Rajasthan stands out one of the most-visiting places that are steeped in ancient art & culture. On the other hand, Kerala holds the highest tourism of south due to its unbeatable nature of God.
This summer India brings you plenty of fascinating destinations to visit and explore sketched richness of natural beauty of hill stations. Saying good bye to the chilly winds of winters and enjoy the pleasant climate of summer in our country. Additionally, there are numerous summer festivals are being celebrated to welcome the months of pleasure. The festivals of summer are filled with folk dances, music and cultural shows which are full of joy & fervor. For those who love to visit India for a family holiday, there is nothing better than Indian traditional summer festivals.
Event in Mount Abu
Mount Abu is the only coolest destination in Thar Deserted land of Rajasthan. The summer festival of this hill station invites the lovely climate of summers with pyramid of traditional dance & music. This event is celebrated on the day of Buddha Purnima every year. According to the Indian rituals, the occasion starts with the theme of a ballad, which is dominated by Gair, Ghoomar and Daph folk dances to captivate the audience, visiting from many corners of the universe.
The three-day carnival is a perfect gateway that takes you through the ethnic life and culture of Rajasthan. The Sham-e-Qawwali is the major highlight of this event which is followed by eminent qawwali singers to stimulate the spectators. The boat race on the Nakki Lake is an additional charm of this carnival that enhances the enthusiasm of the visitors. The grand finale is a blasting end with plenty of fireworks in the sky, when a winner announced.
Gangaur is noted as one of the prominent summer carnivals of Rajasthan which takes place on the third day of the bright half of Chaithra during March to April. It is a special day for women. They decorate their hands with elegant styles of “Mehendi” and wear sarees & heavy ornaments. On this day, women gather at one temple and prayers to Goddess Gauri for well-being and safety of their husbands. Moreover, some unmarried girls do fasting for future marital prosperity.
Well, India holidays are the finest gateways of the best places to visit in India, featuring cultural, spiritual, historical, wildlife, etc tours that daze the tourists from across the world.

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