We all know that how media has played an integral role in everyone’s life since the ancient times. Previously, media has played a major means of communication through transferring of letters from one region to another region so that the owner of that particular region could get aware of the happenings of other regions also. Earlier, people used to travel a lot in order to get their information transferred from one corner of the world to another corner. With the development of time, media has become very active. Now there is hundred of news channels are news papers present in India. Media is always keen to give the every minute details of India news, specifically regional news of Jammu Kashmir, Gujarat news, West Bengal news and UP news.
• News channels provide you all the updated news of all over India, generally regional Jammu Kashmir and India News without any charge from any corner of the world in no time. This means you just have to watch the news channels and you can get every minute details regarding all over India.

• Each and every segment of a newspaper is important. In previous time only English newspapers were available and news channels were broadcasted worldwide but now you can avail a newspaper or T.V channel of a regional language anywhere in your country.

• In this modern and advanced technology, media always wants to provide you each and every news update of every single second. This can only be happen with the help of modern technology.

• If you are only interested in getting the updated news of share market or sports, then also you will find some channels or newspaper that deal with the news of these particular sectors only like various state news such as Bihar news, UP news, Uttaranchal news etc . It will not be a tough job to find out these kinds of newspapers.

Whether you belong to a class of mature student or on old age person, media provides you all kinds of information of India news including regional UP news and Jammu Kashmir news. News channels and newspapers always provide you all the adequate information at your place in no time. It hardly matters in which region you are living, but you can get any information and knowledge regarding any of the major and particular news at your doorstep. A newspaper is always treated as a very good item which has only the positive sides. It always provides a positive impact on the human mind.

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