India is a romantic, charming and cultural destination in the continent of south Asia. It has history woven in its world heritage architecture sites. India is a great place for a family vacation because of its incredible sights, unique lifestyle and appetizing cuisine. It offers an array of whistling places to visit. Every destination in the country has different appeal to present. Be it north or south, you will find ancient pilgrimage places, pre-historic landmarks and monuments, lavish forts and palaces, fantastic beaches, electrifying wildlife national parks, captivating hill stations etc in India.
If you choose south India for a splendid vacation, Kerala has something unique to offer. There are insolently influential tourist destinations all over the state. One can visit here in any month because of its favorable ambiance throughout the year. A gateway to paradise, Kerala is packed with blissful greenery, natural surroundings, enchanting shores, stretched backwaters and pleasant hill stations. Incredible backwaters are the prettiest sight of this state, offering scenic views and lovely scenery to the tourists. Munnar, a beautiful hill station is another place to explore in Kerala that is world famous for its alluring tea & spice plantation, vast greenery, cherished waterfalls and many other lovely delights to behold.
Apart from the spectacular experiencing of south, India vacation gives you a grand opportunity to get vivid historical experiences of north. Rajasthan is the most preferred state, when it comes to pre-historical experiences. Packed with opulent Forts & Palaces, ancient temples, desert landscape, cultural villages etc, Rajasthan is an ultimate place to travel. Camel safari in Rajasthan is the most favorite adventure ride that presents a clear image of traditional culture and civilization to the tourists. This enthralling safari is the best way to get closer with old-fashioned culture of villages, the charm of golden sand dunes and barren terrain of deserted land. Night camping is also a very interesting part of camel safari.
If you visit India for cultural purposes, then Khajuraho is the most-worthy place to go. Here, one will find scores of primeval temples in this small village. One of the oldest scared destinations of Khajuraho is Chausant Yogini which is dedicated to goddess Kali. It has been visiting by millions of people since 900 AD. Other than it, Chitragupta Temple is the most inspiring religious spot in this town that houses numerous elegantly engraved sculptors and paintings. Lakshamana Temple, Parsawanatha Temple, Matangeshwara Temple etc are the other praiseworthy holy locations of Khajuraho.
Despite all, India tourism has much more places to visit and magnetizing sights to behold.
India tours are the perfect way to explore treasure destinations of India, featuring Rajasthan, Kerala, Khajuraho, Varanasi and Delhi etc.

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