In today's world, there are many professions which are lucrative and very popular amongst the youth. Some of them have been dominating the career field since many decades, like engineering, MBBS, law, teaching etc. However, when we talk about Civil Services of India, it has a charm of its own and is incomparable to any other profession. The prestige and power the jobs provided of civil services give you are one notch higher above the rest. IAS, Indian Administrative Service is a highly coveted job offered by civil services, other than Indian Foreign Service (IFS). IAS exams are a pre-requisite to gain entry into this much reputed field of career. UPSC conducts handles all the recruitment work related to civil services. It manages everything, from the syllabus to designing the question paper and conducting interviews.
The post of IAS demands vigor and stature. It is a thing to be proud about, when you clear the IAS exam. Everybody looks up to you and you fall into the category of "extraordinary intelligent men/women". This status is tagged along with lot of power which helps you change the society. You become a civil servant who can make necessary changes in the area you are posted in. As an IAS officer, you become an active participant in the government decisions for the state or your area. The things that you have seen your parents cribbing about or the ills prevailing in the society; you get the golden opportunity to not merely see all of this from a distance but change it. Making a difference and making others around you proud of yourself. Such a career has to be the dream of many, but also a few can reach this apex of success.
We all can dream but only a few of us have the commitment and dedication to work hard. There are no short-cuts in this field. You have to compete with thousand other candidates and face a very challenging exam question paper in order to reach the final stage, i.e. the interview round. The IAS exams are conducted in stages, IAS prelims, IAS mains and finally the interview. Each stage contains a vast syllabus which requires months of preparation. Each stage would make you work harder and test your commitment towards the job.
The ones who work the hardest and have the potential to do justice to the post of an IAS officer are recruited. Once you dedicate yourself and give your best shot, the result is worth it. You feel like dedicating your life to a purpose and a goal. The syllabus, exam question papers, interview etc all are hurdles but you have to prove yourself and emerge as a winner.

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