“If our era is the next Industrial Revolution, as many claims, AI is surely one of its driving forces.”- Fei-Fei Li (Artificial intelligence Expert)

Well said! Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the smartest technique in the era of technological advancements and is being used in almost all sectors. Whether it is health, sports, e-commerce, computer science, or industries, its presence is everywhere!

AI is a technology that induces intelligence (self-learning) into machines that then think like humans and perform various operations. AI also gives the capability to devices or machines to adapt as per requirements in various fields.

Many entrepreneurs have started implementing AI in businesses, and here is a list of such emerging businesses in India.

Mad Street Den, Chennai

Chennai based businesses aim to flourish AI in computers, mobile gaming, and social media. The company will serve retailers and make shopping a much easier job for the end customers. AI tech with Image Recognition and data analysis will predict the user’s needs and help them to showcase the most relevant products. Isn't it smart? All shall save on time, money, and energy.

Zenatix Solutions PVT. LTD, Gurugram

Do you know you can save a lot of energy, including controlling your electrical devices while sitting at home? Yes, Zenatix Solutions gives you this opportunity. Through AI, it helps you to sense, communicate, and control your electrical appliances and save up to 30% of electricity.
For example, it installs sensors in energy meters to control the temperature, and it also warns you about any fault in your electrical system via an alarm on the ‘WATTMAN’ application.

Active Intelligence PTE LT

Active Intelligence PTE uses AI to deliver conversational banking services. It provides various virtual assistants and automated, insightful, intuitive customer engagement. With machine learning, it helps the customers to have dialogues over messaging and voices to discuss some general information or issues.


An edutech startup, Embibe has built up an AI-based learning stage, which runs on a portable application or the site and accumulates data from understudies. They charge just for customized preparing direction and elevated level investigation. With Embibe, understudies can build up their abilities and increment their assessment scores by amending the fundamental blunders utilizing its AI program. The startup means to have an essential impact in the lives of understudies by giving redid examination on their exhibition. Embibe has reported that its AI stage can perceive 27 parameters that can predict scores in an IIT selection test with practically 93% exactness.

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