India is a country which boasts of one of the most historic cultures in the world. May it be Indian arts or Indian crafts or even Indian cuisine, one could see an element of historic beauty in all of that. One of the interesting parts of this Indian culture is that a majority of the country has retained the values that were ingrained in them during the early part of the culture. In other words, you would find hints of the ancient Indian culture even today in people, staying in rural, sub urban and even urban areas. This is something that makes even the most progressive Indians to be proud of as they have not forgotten of their roots and the place from where they took off to be a world beater.

Among the many facets of the culture of India, what fascinates most people is the Indian food. Most Indian recipes make use of such ingredients which add a new zing to the meal. Be it the South Indian cuisine or the cuisine of the north or of any other area, it represents an innate uniqueness. It almost feels as if a South Indian cuisine comes from a different country when you compare it with the cuisine of the northern region. That is the beauty of the variety that is on offer. In fact, there is a wide assortment of Indian industries which are thriving on the back of some great recipes. The food and beverage Indian industry not only presents its offerings to the offshore countries, even the Indian populace, which is passionate about food, presents a wide market to these Indian industries.

When it comes to the households of India, modernity seems to have made a strong appearance. Therefore, there has been a sudden spike in microwave cooking which is being put to use. This is especially the case with nuclear families, where microwave cooking is almost becoming a necessity because of both the partners being involved in some kind of work. Therefore, microwave recipes happen to be one of the most searched terms on the internet and males and females alike are on the lookout of strategies and recipes which could cut down on the cooking time. Microwave recipes, fortunately, do happen to be helpful here. Moreover, they also allow the men to venture into the kitchen, even if for smaller works, something which otherwise has been a taboo for a long period of time in the country. Therefore, the food and beverage Indian industry is finding another worthy inclusion in the form of microwave based cooking.

What also makes Indian food and Indian recipes all the more special is the belief that tasty food comes with willingness. Every cook, since the outset, is encouraged to be in a positive mood while cooking to add the spice of love in it. Although this might look as a farce, it does manage to let people enjoy cooking more than most other people.

Over and above the Indian cuisine, what is also worth a notice is the religions of India. Not only are there quite a few religions, they also contribute substantially to the development of Indian arts and Indian crafts. You can see an epitome of such art in various pilgrimage places of the country. These pilgrimage places bear the testimony to the golden history of the country of India, which is also epitomized by the various religions of India.

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