How much do we know about our country? How many of us actually know that Delhi is the capital of India? It is surprising enough that more than 60 percent of the population of India is unaware. Though current affairs importance is growing rapidly all around the world but in India people still stay unaware and thus uneducated. It is due to our ignorance of the world we live in. We prefer to live in a state of denial or accept any such element which tries to disrupt our imaginative world of harmony. However, it is time to wake up and act. If a terrorist attack takes place in Delhi, how many people from Kerala would be aware about it? Less than 30 percent. This is due to the negligence of people in understanding the true meaning of current affair. We fail to realize that what happened in some neighboring state in India can also happen to us. In this vulnerable world, nobody is safe. Thus, Indian current affairs should become a part and parcel of our lives.
How many of us go to vote? or how many of us are fully aware if the part we vote for? The answer is true and sad. It is because we as citizens of India do not exercise the rights given to us. India is the biggest democracy, according to which the citizens of India should take full participation choosing their government. Most of us prefer sitting at home and watching an entertainment channel. We crib about bad roads in our area, or look at poverty from a distance. We do no notice that we our equal participants in the degradation of our society. Current affairs help us to notice things around us. It brings to light all those elements of our society which are camouflaged as "righteous deeds". Many times, people who were unheard of, get a voice which reaches all corners of India, due to current affairs. Ill actions taken place in the name of power are also unveiled. Current affairs not merely educate us and make us aware; they acquaint us with our country. They show us different aspects, traditions, culture, groups, religions etc of India. Indian current affairs include all the information of the states of India; they cover all subjects like politics, sicence and technology, geography, geology, business, etc. Indian current affair deals with everything from the weather forecast in Delhi to the Telangana problems in Karnataka.

It is very important to stay updated with current affairs of India. Current affairs quizzes can help you update yourself. It will include information on every state like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc. For daily connection with current affairs you can subscribe to newspapers or watch television channels.
Thus, make sure you are well connected to the Indian current affairs. Once you are well aware of your country, you can become an active participant in a country which is highly democratic.

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