Bags are a lot more than just receptacles to carry our belongings, although that is what it was originally for. Bags are now a statement of a person's inherent style and women, either match or coordinate it somehow with their attire for the day or evenings.

There are various styles for different occasions, and women generally use large tote bags for everyday use for work and casual outing. This is due to the size and capacity of the bags, and also due to the simplicity of the design, that compliments clothes for casual as well as office wear.

Indian embroidered bags-

In India, there is a rise of traditional artists working their magic on various canvasses, some of them are bags and other accessories. Many embroidered fabrics are then used to fashion and craft the bag, or many also use paints and other beadwork and so forth.

The potli bags are quite common, and most women have at least one variation of this design for special occasions. What makes these bags versatile is that they come in all shapes and sizes, plain or embroidered or heavily crafted, either way, there is always a way to incorporate this bag into daily use, for casual wear.

Embroideries used on bags for women-

Most traditional embroideries can be used and are commonly used by many women when sewing the bags. The popular and phenomenal craftsmanship for these difficult techniques, take time and patience to stitch; therefore, the high cost of these type of handmade bags.

The most popular and beautiful chikankari embroidery that originated in Lucknow, and it is often seen on colourful silk bags with beautiful craftsmanship. This form of stitching is thought to have been introduced during the Mughal era when various types of arts flourished all across their empire.

Kantha is the traditional embroidery, native to Bengal and Odisha in the eastern side of the country. This consists of short running stitch, creating simple designs and motifs of flowers, birds, nature and everyday life. Not only is it common to see this type of embroidery in fabrics, but it is also common to see them on leather products and bags, besides sarees and other traditional wear.

Zardosi is one of the most popular designs that many women are purchasing nowadays, in forms of clutches. This type of work involves using metal threads to create masterpieces on individual bags and designs. Apart from zardosi embroidered clothing, this is practised on various types of thicker fabrics bags, tapestry and much more.

Rajasthani patchwork is another type of embroidery that can be seen on fabric bags of all sizes. This type of work is intense and dense, making it an intricate work that can take up to a few months to complete.

Aari work is from Kashmir and is used to create unique and intricate designs and patterns for bags and clothing. This type of work uses a hooked crewel to make tight and concentric chain stitches to complete the pattern and design. These types of embroidered items are reasonably expensive. Considering the time and effort that goes into making a single piece.

Mirror work, originating in Gujrat, besides many other types pf embroidered styles, is famous all across India and also sell abroad. Mirror work bags are exceptional in design and craftsmanship. This is one of the original ancient styles of Indian embroidery, much talked about even centuries ago.

These forms of the ancient styles of embroidery are increasingly becoming popular once again. Fashionable clothes and also accessories like handbags for women, are being created with numerous designs and patterns, and sometimes, a combination of various techniques at once. Many creative and original designers are focusing on the traditional arts that have been practised across the country for centuries, reviving the interest in original and phenomenal designs and work that have been thought to have disappeared or lost.

Whichever type of bag women choose for work and casual and special occasions, the style, size, quality, and price are the main deciding factors for most women. Bags add to the overall appearance and outfits besides carrying the daily essentials for the working women.

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