One of the most common problems encountered in today’s society is infertility. It has risen to almost 20-30% in the period of last four to five years. Parenting is just not something that only a mother requires to get prepared for, father’s play an equally important role. In men, the main reason behind infertility is related to a decrease in the quality and quality of sperms. Here is an Indian Diet Plan to Increase Sperm Count. We will also talk about some super foods to increase sperm count in men.
Low sperm count can occur as a result of consuming an unhealthy diet, stress, smoking, intake of excessive alcohol and hot water which can directly harm the sperms. Nevertheless, the health of the sperms can be greatly improved by eating the right food in the diet.

Superfoods to increase sperm count in men :
Before we get down to the Indian Diet Plan to Increase Sperm Count, let us take a look at some super foods that will help in increasing sperm count as well as help in fighting infertility in men.

Red, orange and yellow Vegetables and fruits –
According to research, orange and yellow colored vegetables and fruits are known to enhance the quality and quantity of the sperms. These bright colored vegetables and fruits get their color from carotenoids which comprise of antioxidants which are vitamin A and C. Melons and sweet potatoes have been known to enrich the overall health of the sperms while tomatoes and carrots contain lycopene which improves the quality of unusually shaped sperms. Carrot can increase sperm motility and develop the probability of reaching the egg.

Eggs –
One of the best choices of foods to increase the sperm count is eggs. Eggs are high in protein and Vitamin E which give protection to the sperm cells from the dangers of free radicals.

Banana –
Banana contains an anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain which is also found in pineapple. It is effective in increasing sperm count.

Dark chocolate –
Dark chocolate contains an amino acid called L- arginine that is essential for sperm production. It helps to boost the semen volume.
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