Popular Indian Foods comes with varieties

Indian food is identified for its prosperity and is surrounded by the tastiest and most varied cuisines in the world. The essence and fragrance of this food is eye-catching by its presence and everyone must find an Indian restaurant in almost any part of the world. So, cheer for it and grab it as much as possible.

India means unity in diversity and everybody knows it. So, its food is also having much more variety as like its people and cultures. Anytime when you will come in India you can understand that it's not just one big country, is has different things which will attract your impression. It seems more or less similar combination of thousands of countries each one with its own civilization, society but most markedly, essence!

Keeping in mind the geological circumstances of India and varies from region to region, Indian Food also gets its different taste. Though this food is matching with curry, which creates an unavoidable item, but the basic food item depends upon the grains that are mostly grown in that particular region.

Tortilla, the Mexican food which is prepared from corn is similar to Chapatti is a thin Indian bread which is prepared by wheat flour. We all know North India is famous for wheat and consequently North Indian food comprises chapattis, naan, bread and they all are made from the flour of wheat. There is a multiplicity in dishes made from the same wheat flour with minor variations. The most interesting thing to say, when the wheat flour is deep fried it is called as puri and a thicker and bigger puri is called bhatura and when it served with plain potatoes along with onions and a variety of vegetables, it is turned to paratha.

Now scroll eyes to South India, the main food are rice. White lentil includes idlis and dosas which become famous among people from far and near, along with the various items prepared using rice. With dal, Pongal is one more breakfast item made from rice.

Breakfast comprises of dhokla and sheera by the side of a cup of tea in western parts of India like Maharashtra and Gujarat. Foods of India basically form a complete impartial diet and are in good physical shape in nature. The spirit of this food are the spices which present a lot of flavor and it also varies from state to state and is used in both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Generally Indian food is accompanied by dessert, pappads, pickles and chutneys. It has also embraced cuisines that have been brought by the invading conquerors. Biriyani has become quite popular among and has been imported from the mughals. Now comes to Tea. Darjeeling is known for the best tea which is obtained in the eastern part of India.

India is a huge country with a lot of diversities and so is the Indian cuisine but can be adjusted to the personal preferences, as are the people of India who are strong and yet flexible.

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