India is enormously popular for its historical monuments, rich culture, colorful festival, natural beauty and certainly, for food. Indian food is known for its eye-feasting appearance and delicious taste. If you like spicy and amazing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, our Indian recipes can help you to enjoy the terrific taste. Indian food recipes are broadly categorized based on what you’re searching, vegetarian dishes, non-vegetarian dishes, snacks, etc.
No matter what you’re looking for, you will get everything over the internet easily. Here are a few Indian recipes that could be helpful for you if you’re in search for some popular Indian dishes, have a look-
Non-vegetarian Cuisine
In this particular section, you will find cuisines comprises of juicy, tender dishes cooked with eggs, mutton, chicken, fish, etc. There is a wide variety of Indian food recipes for non-veg lovers are available, you just simply access the internet and everything will be in front of you. Some popular Indian non-vegetarian recipes include butter chicken, Chilli Chicken, Chicken afgani, Chicken korma, amritshri fish, deep fried fish, lal maans, etc.
Vegetarian Cuisine
Even if you are a vegetarian, Indian will be like heaven for you. You will get an opportunity to taste innumerable varieties of nutritious vegetarian dishes. Indian hot and spicy curry is worldwide famous for the exotic taste and there are many other to join the list. Some tempting Indian vegetarian cuisines are Navratan Korma, Sahi Paneer, Vegetable curry, Rajma Rasmisa, Baigan bharta and many others. Every state of India has its own food specialty and therefore, you will be given ample options to enjoy the rich taste. You can also refer Indian food recipes, in case you want to try it at home.
Indian bread
The consumption of bread is more in northern India as compared to the other part due to its dry climate. Hence, bread is cooked in multiple ways to entertain and satiate the taste buds of people. You will get great variety of Indian roti, naan and paratha here. The parathas are comparatively more popular and flaunts a terrific number of options, including Aloo paratha, Palak paratha, Paneer paratha, Egg paratha, etc.
Finding Indian recipes for any dishes, be it vegetarian, non-vegetarian or bread is not a difficult task. You might get confused with the wise assortment of Indian food recipes, but if you are sure about your taste and liking, you will definitely get one that fulfill your desire. All dishes are very easy to make and can be cooked at home easily.

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