Indian wedding overseas are essentially the most stylish, expensive and lavish function and not to miss one of the most self indulging party that one would ever like to throw to impress the guests and make the day more memorable. Planning for wedding isn’t just about making a day more special for bride and bridegroom but also to gift a special occasion to friends and family members. Planning for wedding is notoriously the stressful and time consuming job and it would be complicated to know from where to start and what all to remember from the day one to till the function ends. However there are certain things that get more importance than other during preparation like deciding on the venue for event, stage and wedding mandap decoration, wedding car hire and deciding on traditional food.

Out of these all Indian wedding mandap decoration is one of the crucial thing as it the center of all activities and a sacred place according to traditional belief. The wedding couple follows and participates in all rituals inside the wedding mandap and takes a vow of togetherness. Traditionally the mandaps or wedding canopies were only used for the wedding rituals, however these days many people use it for pre wedding functions like mehandi and sangeet also. The following are the crucial factors that play an important role while deciding on mandaps.

Size of the wedding mandap: There are two elements that decide the size of the mandap; numbers of guest invited and the overall size of wedding marquees. Bigger function with more numbers of invited people requires larger mandap and also to be at some height from the ground level to be visible for all.

Colors Mandap Decoration: Asian wedding events and mandaps are generally loaded with decorative articles. They are also decorated in different colors, most of the time bright colors are chosen to make event more auspicious. The most preferred color combination for this is bright yellow and red. While other preferred colors for wedding decoration are white, silver and gold. Modern day color also includes blue, orange, pink and other vibrant shades.

Material for mandap decoration: Most of the wedding and stage decoration are done with traditional props. Silk materials like drapes, flowers, lights, balloons, ribbons, diyas and lanterns are use to decorate canopy. Silk is the most preferred material for drapes however you can also finds cotton, jute and chikan for decoration. Flowers are the most important article, both natural and artificial flowers are used in decoration. Flowers like marigold, rose, jasmine, lilli and orchids gives very cool look to mandap. Lighting is another creative thing that used to give brighter look especially for the evening weeding or open air event.

Backdrop: Importance must be given to backdrop decoration as it is the first thing that attracts the guest towards the mandap. Natural and artificial flowers, silk drapes, ribbons and many other articles can be used to give attractive look to backdrop.

Thus Indian wedding mandaps can be decorated in many ways combining different materials. One can also find pre-decorated wedding mandaps made up from crystals, glass and other crafted metals. However one should remember while deciding on mandap decoration that it should be into best match with stage decoration, reception and furniture to give the thematic appearance.

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