is the most advanced web application technology from the software legend Microsoft. There are so many advantages with this technology which helps to develop incredible and astounding web application with help of experienced Professional developers. As the e-commerce platform is decision to get tread over the success path in your business. All you need a powerful and astounding web development service to make your chances to count on the majestic platform. is providing a unique web development model that includes the services necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications. While it is largely syntax compatible with Active Server Pages (ASP) provides a new programming model and infrastructure that allow you to create a powerful new class of applications. It is part of framework and allows you to maximize the features of the common language run-time, such as type safety, inheritance, language interoperability, and version prototype.

Why ASP is more beneficial?

* Reduces the amount of codes that required to build web application.
* Provides the safe and secured application so no need to worry with this as your data will be safe.
* Best Performance by taking advantage of early binding, just in time completion, native optimization and other as well.
* It is complete with rich toolbox and designer in visual studio integrated development environment.
* As the source code and HTML are together so pages are easy to keep up and write.
* It is purely server-side technology therefore code executes on the server before it sent to the browser.
* Configuration information is built-in so there is no need to register.

It was built by one of its great technology and web developers can use any language you want to write code, the version of Perl for C Sharp (C #) and, of course, VB.NET and an extra language also used with this technology. The benefits of technology are creating Web sites of construction, applications and web services very simple and with less code in other languages. In addition, applications compiled in ASP run faster and with fewer errors. So with the above mentioned facilities one can able to get the desired application by hiring experienced asp developers.

Recently Microsoft has wide range of technologies under its roots like:

* Rich Internet Application
* Silver light
* Windows Phone 7
* Share Point
* Dot Net Nuke
* Business Intelligence
* Windows Client

You can choose any of above technology of your choice to get develop application/website for your business or personal need.

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